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How to Choose a Bike Locker

Bicycle lockers provide Class 1 long term security for bike parking. They protect the entire bicycle and accessories against theft and weather, provide dedicated individual access, and encourage cycling as transportation.Selecting the right bike locker for your...

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The Hänel Eco-Concept

Bringing Sustainability to Automated Storage and RetrievalEnergy-efficient systems are the key to lowering energy consumption in your warehouse, office, or factory. The actual energy consumption of automated material and file handling systems has a major...

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How to Choose the Best Locker Storage

Lockers are a very popular solution for storing items easily and securely. Perfect for many different applications including educational facilities, personal lockers, hoteling in the corporate world, and more. Whatever your needs may be, when you are choosing locker...

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Archives Storage Testimonial

To whom it may concern,   I would highly recommend Spacesaver Solutions Inc. to any Archives contemplating relocation. Spacesaver Solutions has provided excellent service over the years for our shelving systems with their skilled and friendly frontline...

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Filing & Records Management Best Practices

Do you spend a lot of time searching for the files you need? Are documents constantly getting misfiled or lost? Vital records need to be easily accessible and securely stored. To help you get the most out of your filing system, here’s a list of tips and tricks...

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5 BIG Benefits of Vertical Storage

Vertical storage (also known as vertical lift modules) allows you to store your items in a system that will bring what you need to you at the push of a button. Commonly used in industrial, automotive, and healthcare applications, vertical storage is a great solution...

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New ControLoc Technology by Spacesaver

ControLoc Technology works in combination with our evidence lockers, helping your store vital pharmaceuticals, evidence, public “stuff” storage, and many other valuable items. Typically integrated with DSM Lockers, the technology allows you to easily monitor and...

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8 benefits of mobile shelving

People have been benefitting from mobile shelving for a long time. It creates space, improves productivity, and increases safety in your workplace. After over 40 years of evolution and ingenuity, mobile shelving has progressed considerably, allowing you to maximize...

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Storage Solutions Partner Showcase

We’re more than just mobile shelving experts, at Spacesaver Solutions; we’re your reliable source for everything storage, and that is all thanks to our wonderful partners. From filing cabinets to mailroom and modular casework furniture, and wire storage solutions, our...

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