An elementary school’s physical education storage area was bursting at the seams. The PE department originally had two storage areas, but had to give one up for other school activities. Because of this, they had to cram all of their athletic equipment into one narrow room. This made it difficult to access the items they needed and wasted precious time for each class.

The teachers wanted a system that would allow them to spend more time on class prep, lesson plans, and teaching their students so they reached out to the experts at Spacesaver to help them save time searching for equipment in the crowded storage rooms.

The elementary school acquired a LEVPRO athletic storage system which allows teachers to store their equipment on shelving units that are suspended on an overhead track. The LEVPRO athletic storage system eliminates fixed aisles by placing each shelf on the track and allowing them to move the shelves back and forth with the simple push/pull of a handle. Wire racking makes up the top of the system and provides additional storage for bulky and oversized items.

The LEVPRO athletic storage system is quick and easy to install and was ready for teachers to stock with equipment the same day it arrived. The PE teachers have efficiently stored soccer nets, foam noodles, volleyballs, jump ropes, hula hoops and more. Most importantly, the new LEVPRO system helped the teachers clear the clutter and dedicate more time to their students.


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