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Modern and Secure Employee Locker Storage

Nestle Canada, Toronto, ON

Nestlé Canada recently relocated their place of business to new floors in their North York office. These new floors provided a reduction in space and as a result, they made a shift to desk sharing. The new desk sharing environment created a need for a secure and personal space for employees to store their laptops and belongings. To meet their needs, employee locker storage was required.

Toronto Maple Leafs Score Athletic Equipment Storage

Toronto, ON

When the Toronto Maple Leafs remodeled their locker and athletic equipment storage rooms in the Air Canada Centre, the new space looked great, but was smaller than what they had before. The equipment manager knew they would need to get creative with their storage and called on our storage experts to help create a solution that would work for their space.

Modular Bin Shelving Optimizes Hospital Pharmacy

Peterborough Regional Health Centre

When the Peterborough Regional Health Centre was undergoing a renovation to its pharmacy, it had one goal in mind - to operate like a well-oiled machine. The current pharmacy was chaotic and cramped - not suitable for the minimum of 27 pharmacy techs that worked in the space at any given moment. Pharmacy staff turned to the storage experts at Spacesaver Solutions Inc. for help.

Unique Retail Storage Reinforces Company’s Canadian Brand

Canada Goose, Toronto, ON

When architects for Canada Goose, the luxury outerwear brand began planning the company’s flagship retail store in Toronto, they faced a big challenge. They wanted to provide a unique, high-end retail experience that would reinforce the company’s Canadian brand while also storing more than 100 different styles of bulky outerwear. So they turned to the storage experts.

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