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Spacesaver Solutions Inc. is the leading national provider of Commercial and Business Storage solutions. Our dedicated team of Storage Experts work with clients to understand their unique needs, and design custom storage solutions that allow organizations to do what they do best.

Unique Solutions for All Your Storage Challenges


Custom Storage Lockers

Custom storage lockers are the ideal solution for anyone seeking to maximize limited space for storage purposes. Whether you’re looking for employee storage solution or secure evidence lockers, customer storage lockers will exceed your expectations. Custom storage lockers provide a safe way to store personal belongings, whether at a college, the spa, or even in athlete locker rooms.

Spacesaver Solutions Inc. custom lockers are designed with a wide range of capabilities to cater for your needs. We offer different locking options and designs that are intended to fit into your overall design themes. From laptop lockers with charging capabilities to durable metal lockers that can withstand the occasional rough play, we have you covered.

High Density Storage

As organizations move toward modern office plans that are aimed at making good use of limited space, there’s a need to ensure that storage options evolve at the same pace. High density storage, otherwise known as mobile storage, is an option that should be explored by any organization that wants to make effective use of the space they have. With high density storage, you can make use of existing floor space, and cut down your space requirements significantly. 

Static aisles can be a huge problem in offices that are already tight on space. High density storage fixes this problem by placing storage shelves on carriages that move back and forth on rails in the floor. You’ll not only have the opportunity to get more storage this way, but you’ll also dictate where to place your high density storage, ensuring more flexibility and freedom.

Commercial Storage Cabinets

At Spacesaver Solutions Inc. we offer a diverse selection of commercial storage cabinets that are intended to help customers meet their organizational needs regardless of their space constraints.

Our collection of commercial storage cabinets includes rotary cabinets which are great space savers and filing cabinets for anyone looking to go the traditional route.

We also have large document storage cabinets for artists, architect offices, and other organizations that are seeking to store large types of documents such as blueprints and other large drawings without worrying about creasing. Do you have a collection of artifacts, awards, or other valuables that you want to put on display? Our museum cabinets are ideal for this purpose.

All our commercial storage cabinets come complete with the option of customization, allowing us to design our solutions to suit your unique space specifications and needs.

Custom Design Shelves

The right kind of shelving can help you make big use of small spaces. That’s why at Spacesaver Solutions Inc. we are committed to providing custom design shelves for a variety of spaces. Our line of custom shelves includes standard 4 post and case type shelving, cantilever, high bay, and wide span shelving.

We provide shelving options that cater to a wide range of clients, from an organization wanting to store office supplies, to a museum looking for durable shelves that can hold the weight of dinosaur bones. What’s more – our shelving options can be integrated with mobile storage systems, allowing you to use your floor space even more efficiently.

Custom Specialized Storage Shelves

At Spacesaver Solutions Inc. we are committed to fulfilling the storage needs of our clients to the letter. That’s why we take the time to discuss your storage challenges with you before recommending one of our high quality storage solutions. We offer customizable options that can be configured and adapted to suit your changing needs.

Whether you’re seeking to store small parts and inventory, or hospital supplies, we have you covered. The FrameWRX is our modular bin storage solution that is perfect for storing inventory and other items in the office or warehouse. This system can be expanded and reconfigured to accommodate growing requirements.

We also offer custom specialized storage shelves for public safety and military fields, ensuring safe storage of weapons, among other items.

Hänel Vertical Storage Systems

Tired of walking up and down aisles to retrieve parts from your storage systems? Hänel Vertical Storage Systems are here to save the day! At Spacesaver Solutions Inc. we realized a need to make storage easier for clients who are looking to free up space, improve ergonomics, and enhance accuracy and security. That’s why we partnered with Hänel to offer their Vertical Storage Systems.

We carry Hänel’s two main systems which include the Hänel Rotomat and the Hänel Lean-Lift. The Hänel Rotomat is a system that is inspired by the Ferris Wheel. your items are stored in carriers within the machine which then rotates to allow you to access the items at your discretion. The Hänel Lean-Lift, on the other hand, works like an elevator, delivering required items to the user at the press of a button.

Package Delivery Lockers

Looking for a package delivery locker that ensures swift and seamless delivery while guaranteeing the safety of your package? Well, look no further. Expedibox Package Delivery Lockers are designed to give you peace of mind whenever you have a package that needs to be delivered. These fully automated package delivery lockers come complete with touch screen, email and text notifications, and video surveillance. When a package is delivered to your locker, you’ll receive a notification and a one-time code to retrieve your package.

Our package delivery lockers make it possible for you to access your packages at any time of the day. They are made using superior hardware and software and can be scaled to suit your expanding needs. If you’re tired of losing packages, or are looking to streamline your delivery process, it’s time to switch over to the Expedibox Parcel Delivery Mail Locker.

Rousseau Shelves and Drawers

We’ve made it easier for you to get the best quality industrial cabinets, shelving, workbenches, and numerous storage solutions, by partnering with Rousseau. Rousseau is a leading designer and manufacturer of high quality shelves and drawers in North America. 

Rousseau products are the best bet for anyone seeking quality, flexibility, and efficiency. Whether you’re looking for storage solutions for your warehouse, museum, or healthcare environment, the Rousseau product line carries several options just for you. The products offered are modular in nature, and you can pick as many or as few parts as you want to create your complete system. What’s more, the products are designed in a way that allow you to scale your storage solutions to fit your growing needs.

Rousseau industrial drawers have the capacity to hold 400lbs and have a lifetime warranty on the sliding system. At Spacesaver Solution Inc., we’re always aiming to give you the best value for your money and Rousseau products guarantee exactly that.

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Agriculture and Cannabis Vertical Growing

Are you a licensed cannabis producer seeking big yields from a small space? If yes, then our vertical growing system will interest you. We have partnered with Compact Growth to provide cannabis vertical growing solutions thus enabling you to forego the hassles of procuring large growing facilities which come with tremendous costs, at the expense of your profits.
Our vertical growing system guarantees improved efficiency, increased profitability, and improved operations. You will not have to worry about high energy costs and your plants will be ready for harvest after 150 days. Get in touch with us today and let us show you how we can help you get rid of the inefficiencies of your old system and replace it with a more sustainable vertical growing system.

Athletic Storage

What do athletes want besides winning? Plenty of things, probably, but we’ll tell you what they don’t want—disorganization. When aiming for the trophies and the glory, no athlete wants to have to worry about where to store their uniforms or gear. That’s why we have stepped in time and again to provide athletics locker storage solutions for varied teams across Canada. We provide lockers, shelving, high-density systems, worktables, and suspended mobile shelving to small teams and big teams alike. Whether you’re based at a state of the art facility or operating out of a smaller space such as a storage closet, we have something that can work for you.

We’ll show you how to use the space available to store your sticks, bats, protective equipment, nets, and racquets, among others.

Custom Office Storage Solutions

With many organizations preferring to go the open plan and hoteling route, the need for modern storage solutions has become apparent. At Spacesaver Solutions Inc. we are committed to providing custom office storage solutions for your employees. Our employee storage lockers come with laptop charging capabilities and different locking options. We also offer filing cabinets for your documents and shelving solutions. Worried that you don’t have plenty of room in your office to accommodate all your storage needs? Say goodbye to your worries and hello to our high-density storage systems and collaborative walls. At Spacesaver Solutions Inc., we know how to make good use of small spaces.

Healthcare Medical Storage Solutions

A hospital’s storage solutions can mean the difference between utter disarray and operational excellence. At Spacesaver Inc. we know that hospitals have to keep track of different moving parts—from patient records, to medical supplies and medications, and other inventory. The numerous items that must be kept in storage, and the fact that these are accessed by numerous people at different times necessitates high quality and efficient medical storage solutions.

Our solutions for the healthcare industry include modular bin storage, patient care servers, sterile supply storage, pharmacy storage shelving, and records storage systems. Our medical storage solutions are designed with the objective of making the organization of hospital inventory easy. We appreciate the very sensitive nature of a hospital setting and strive to ensure accuracy, efficiency, and productivity. This way hospital staff can spend less time worrying about where certain items are, and more time attending to the core mandate of a hospital which is to care for patients.

Industrial Storage

Any warehouse manager will tell you that it’s highly important to choose a storage system that allows for efficient retrieval of items, because this is directly related to productivity. The fact that warehouses have large moving parts makes it particularly important to choose storage systems that save on space and allow for ease of movement. At Spacesaver Solutions Inc. we offer vertical lift modules, high-density storage, industrial drawers and shelving, among other solutions, that are designed to help you make the most of your warehouse facility.

Our industrial shelving positions allow you to move your pallet easily, and the vertical lift modules ensure that you’ll never have to haul heavy items ever again—with a simple press of a button, your stored items will be delivered where you need them to be. Constrained for space and worried that you might need to expand your warehouse? Not so fast—talk to us today, you’ll be surprised at the capacity of our modern-day industrial storage to stretch limited space to accommodate your growing needs!

Library Storage Shelves

The libraries of yesteryears were drab spaces filled with musty books and ruled over by prim and proper librarians complete with their proverbial eyeglasses. Fast forward to today, libraries have evolved into vibrant community centers that feature not only books but computers and cultural events as well. To keep up with this evolution, academic institutions and other organizations have realized the need to incorporate modern storage solutions in their libraries. That is where Spacesaver Solutions Inc. comes in.

We provide a diverse selection of library storage solutions including cantilever shelving, lockers, high-density storage, media storage, LED shelf lighting and case type shelving, among others. Our objective is to help you transform your library into a modern, functional space that avails resources to the library users conveniently and flexibly without taking up too much room. 

Museum Storage Shelving

Museums are constantly in need of additional space to store their ever-growing collections. Since the room in a museum is finite and can run out anytime, the next best bet is to invest in storage shelving that makes good use of the limited space that is available. At Spacesaver Solutions Inc. we are in the business of ensuring that all museums in Ontario have access to top-quality museum cabinets, art racks, and high-density mobile shelving. Interested in showcasing weapons in your museum? We have that covered too. Our weapons racks are used and trusted by public safety institutions and military fields alike. We will help you choose storage shelving that is customized to suit your space and budget.

Public Safety Storage

Police officers, fireman, and other public safety officers have the tough job of ensuring public safety. At Spacesaver Solutions Inc. we are committed to ensuring that these noble servicemen don’t have the additional worry of dealing with storage challenges. We provide storage solutions that cater to the varying needs of public safety officers including lockers for uniforms and gears, weapons storage, evidence storage, and records storage.

We know that it is highly crucial that public safety departments get the very best quality of storage solutions, as this trickles down to the well-being of the citizens at large. Our evidence storage solutions, for instance, come complete with ControLoc technology which ensures a clear chain of custody and hinders tampering of evidence.


Modern and Secure Employee Locker Storage

Nestle Canada, Toronto, ON

Nestlé Canada recently relocated their place of business to new floors in their North York office. These new floors provided a reduction in space and as a result, they made a shift to desk sharing. The new desk sharing environment created a need for a secure and personal space for employees to store their laptops and belongings. To meet their needs, employee locker storage was required.

Toronto Maple Leafs Score Athletic Equipment Storage

Toronto, ON

When the Toronto Maple Leafs remodeled their locker and athletic equipment storage rooms in the Air Canada Centre, the new space looked great, but was smaller than what they had before. The equipment manager knew they would need to get creative with their storage and called on our storage experts to help create a solution that would work for their space.

Modular Bin Shelving Optimizes Hospital Pharmacy

Peterborough Regional Health Centre

When the Peterborough Regional Health Centre was undergoing a renovation to its pharmacy, it had one goal in mind - to operate like a well-oiled machine. The current pharmacy was chaotic and cramped - not suitable for the minimum of 27 pharmacy techs that worked in the space at any given moment. Pharmacy staff turned to the storage experts at Spacesaver Solutions Inc. for help.

Unique Retail Storage Reinforces Company’s Canadian Brand

Canada Goose, Toronto, ON

When architects for Canada Goose, the luxury outerwear brand began planning the company’s flagship retail store in Toronto, they faced a big challenge. They wanted to provide a unique, high-end retail experience that would reinforce the company’s Canadian brand while also storing more than 100 different styles of bulky outerwear. So they turned to the storage experts.

“When we challenged Spacesaver Solutions to provide an answer for employees’ personal space within our new office configuration, they delivered an effective solution that was aesthetically pleasing and cost effective.”

Marcus | Nestlé Canada

“Spacesaver Solutions Inc. provided us with a variety of laminates to choose from that suited our aesthetic. They also provided drawings and a sample locker that was a custom ‘Z’ shape that suited the clients exact request.

We had a very tight timeline and Spacesaver Solutions Inc. worked very very hard to ensure that timeline was met. We had a great experience working with Rob!”

MLSE Interior Designer

“I would like to take the time to thank Travis and all those involved installing the lockers in our clubhouse. The entire process ran smoothly and the customer service provided was exceptional. I will highly recommend Spacesaver Solutions to my colleagues in the industry.”

Kurtis Paisley | Lebovic Golf Club

“It was a pleasure to work with the Spacesaver Solutions Team! Their professionalism and dedication to our project was exceptional. The installation, which was done without interruption to our business, was impressive and appreciated. We would not hesitate to recommend Spacesaver Solutions Inc!”

Rob Cederberg
Managing Director, Scandinave Spa Blue Mountain

“The team was awesome to work with throughout all of our decision making processes… and there were quite a few. The installation went smoothly, with minimal interruption and they were extremely polite and professional.”

Sandra Bailey | Design Coordinator with Straticom

“We are happy to be in our new facility. We appreciate the expertise of Spacesaver Solutions who worked closely with our Records Team. They helped us comprehend the full extent of our needs and designed a solution that works effectively within our new space. We no longer have to rely on off-site storage facilities and can better maintain the chain of custody. Our Headquarters project was an exciting chapter in our history and has prepared us for a new era in policing.”

Manager of Corporate Records & Information Management
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