Custom Storage Lockers

The need for custom lockers storage is greater now than it has ever been before.

Custom Storage Lockers

The need for custom storage lockers is greater now than it has ever been before. As we move to more open plan offices where hoteling is becoming the norm, employees need a new way to store their personal belongings. Lockers are an excellent solution for employee storage, but they are needed for many other applications too.

Custom Lockers offer a place to securely store police uniforms and gear, and somewhere to keep sterile supplies clean. They create a way for college students to ensure those packages get to them safely, a space for athletes to prepare for game day, and peace of mind for spa goers allowing them to relax knowing their personal items are safe. The uses and possibilities are endless!

We offer a wide range of locker solutions with a variety of different locking options to suit your needs. We specialize in personal lockers for employee storage, durable metal lockers, laptop lockers with charging capabilities, laminate lockers with sleek designs, plastic lockers for wet areas, and evidence lockers that protect the chain of custody.

No matter what your needs are, we’ve learned that two factors are important when choosing a locker solution – design and function. The custom lockers need to fit in beautifully with their environment, and they need to work well. User experience is top priority, from the lock type you choose, to the material each locker is made of.

Our lockers are of the highest quality and manufactured to serve your unique needs. The custom lockers are created in a wide variety of sizes and colours, with a full range of accessories and locking options for every level of security. These lockers are 100% recyclable, made of steel, and allow for top class design. We will guide you through every step of the decision making process. Need a custom solution? We can help with that!

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