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The management and tracking of evidence is essential to a law enforcement agency – not only in its service to the criminal justice system, but also its community. If the chain of custody is compromised in the evidence lockers storage process, it can affect the rightful prosecution of criminals, agency liabilities, and a loss of community confidence.

For this reason, we offer a line of evidence lockers that guarantees secure evidence storage throughout your entire chain of custody. We create security, organization, and most important – peace of mind when it comes to tracking and storing evidence. Our line of evidence lockers includes pass-through lockers, non-pass through lockers, and refrigerated evidence storage.

Pass-Through lockers are built into the wall between the evidence processing and long term evidence storage areas, allowing evidence to be deposited from one side and retrieved from another.

With a non-pass through system, evidence is both deposited and retrieved from the same self-closing doors. Lockers can easily be mounted to the wall and items can only be removed by authorized personnel. If your needs ever change in the future, you can simply convert your non-pass through lockers into a pass-through system.

Refrigerated evidence lockers are specifically engineered to maintain a constant temperature of 38-42 degrees Fahrenheit to preserve biological evidence storage. Their built-in digital alarms warn of fluctuations in temperature, so you can rest assured knowing that your evidence is protected. Refrigerated evidence lockers are available in various sizes, and can integrate both pass-through and non pass-through functionality.

All of our evidence lockers are equipped with a keyless locking system. As the name indicates, this no- keys-required evidence deposit system allows you to securely lock your evidence away with the push of a button, and offers multi-point locking systems on all doors for increased security.

For departments in need of higher security for their evidence storage through computer tracking and monitoring, we offer ControLoc. ControLoc technology offers on demand activity report generation, remote monitoring of multiple locations, automatic door locking, and choice of card access or numeric control pads.

Our storage experts will work with you to create the best evidence storage system to allow you to maintain your chain of custody.

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