Wide Range of Personal Lockers Solutions to Suit any Environment and Need

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The way people work, learn, and live is evolving. We are moving to more open plan environments and as a result, we need a new way to store our stuff. We no longer have offices with big cabinets to store our personal belongings – instead, offices are centering around a hoteling approach where personal lockers storage is a necessity. Personal lockers allow your organization to adopt to the need for more convenient, flexible spaces, while blending seamlessly with your building’s overall design.

As people come in and out of the office to work, they need a place where they can feel comfortable storing their personal belongings. The lockers need to fit in with the environment, and create a great user experience. Employees must be able to easily operate and access their lockers and move on to their important work for the day.

We offer a wide range of personal locker solutions to suit any environment and need. Our systems are available in a full range of dimensions and door styles from steel to high pressure laminate. Choose from a variety of colours and lock options to create your own unique look and locker functionality. Create the best user experience possible – whether these lockers are in an office, school, or a spa.

Each locker can be assigned to a specific employee, or can be programmed to accommodate different users. We offer a wide range of accessories to customize the look and function of your personal lockers, including powered accessories that let you charge your laptop and smart devices while they’re stored away. Custom vinyl numbering for each locker door creates a sleek look, and a variety of accessories allow you to customize the locker interior for your needs.

Choose from a variety of lock options including digilock, combination lock, traditional key locks, and RFID. With an RFID lock, we can program the lockers to integrate with your employee RFID tags, allowing them to use one card for everything in the office.

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