Wide Variety of Lock Options to Keep Your Items Secure

Lock Options

Now that you’ve chosen the type of locker you want for your space – whether it’s metal or laminate, or laptop lockers with charging capabilities – you get to choose arguably the most important part, the lock. The lock options that you choose is extremely important in determining how the lockers will be used, and creating the best user experience possible.

We offer a wide variety of lock options to keep your items secure, and meet your user needs. Choose from electronic keypad, RFID card reader, mechanical combination lock, coin-operated, hasp lock, traditional key lock, or keypad lock. No matter what type of lock you need, we’ve got you covered!

The digital or RFID key reader electronic locks are battery operated and feature an all metal housing with, or without a handle. Choose from brushed nickel or a custom finish to create the perfect detail on your locker design. A motorized deadbolt and visual and audible usage indicators operate with a user selected 4-digit code, or RFID card. The electronic locks are tamper-proof and feature a 2-year warranty. These locks can be assigned to a specific user or programmed to accommodate many different people. For added security, these locks have a built-in audit trail allowing you to keep track of who has accessed each locker. Plus, the RRID key reader can integrate with your existing employee badges, or wristbands for guests, allowing them to use one card for everything!

For more traditional options, the mechanical combination, hasp, key, and coin-operated locks require no batteries and instead use either a pre-programmed combination, a key, or a coin. These locks feature a 5-year warranty and come in an all metal housing with a brushed nickel or custom finish. A code retrieval tool comes in handy for any forgotten codes, and manager keys allow complete access to all lockers.

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