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Bike Lockers

The most secure, versatile, and cost effective bike lockers on the market. Choose the benchmark in secure bicycle parking.

Secure Bicycle Lockers

Bicycle storage lockers are like a garage for your bike. They provide the highest security bike parking with protection from theft, fire, vandalism, and weather, in a space efficient footprint.

The perfect option for transit, education, corporate, government, and healthcare facilities, these lockers provide bike parking solutions with the best in quality, innovation, and reliability to promote healthy, sustainable communities.

These bike lockers are the industry standard, and the ultimate choice when it comes to secure bike parking. They are designed as a uniform row of lockers with clean sight lines. The design and engineering were carefully thought out to make the expanded locker bank appear as one solution.

There are two main bicycle locker styles to choose from. The first option has a door on both sides with a diagonal partition in the center. This creates two triangular stalls to store one bike per door along with gear such as bags, lights, and helmets. The second option has a single door without an interior partition for one or two bikes to be stored inside.

Users receive a key that opens one locker, and each locker has a unique lock and key to provide maximum security. Keyless bicycle parking is also available. This innovative technology allows wireless management of multiple lockers with existing proximity card or keypad access.

The bike locker system is designed to be flexible to accommodate future expansion, and features storage bins, promotional panels, and a range of configurations to meet site, budget, and security requirements.

Extremely durable, these lockers are compression molded with modern structural-grade composite materials which are non-corrosive, rust free, impact resistant, and feature a graffiti/UV resistant polyurethane enamel paint finish.

The bicycle lockers are created with high quality materials that support sustainable solutions, and are manufactured to ISO 9001/14000 quality and environmental standards. Because of this, the lockers last longer, enabling society to conserve resources with a lower impact on the environment.


These bicycle lockers are permanently anchored, lockable bike storage. The patented design is impenetrable to pry bars and keeps out the rain, snow, wind, and fire.


High-strength, compression-molded structural composite (SMC) produces a virtually indestructible produce whose life span is measured in decades, not years.


The automated process eliminates out of spec parts, ensuring that every bicycle locker provides 100% weather resistance, rigidity, and security with uniform construction.


With more than 35 years of history, these bicycle lockers provide the lowest cost of ownership over long term use in the industry.


Attractive and functional, bike lockers are the top choice for designers worldwide. The flush-molded surfaces with ergonomic finishes and tones blend into the most sophisticated environments with ease.


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