Did you know that 80% of records management costs are related to labour and not supplies or equipment? The best way for companies to save money is to become more efficient. We offer the advice, products, and services, that will make your records management program work for you! We will conduct a fact finding meeting at no cost to understand your current state. We will then analyze this information, making recommendations that will mitigate risk and save you time and money.


File Move Services

Proven expertise to relocate your critical records using our “secure move” methodology. Our file relocation team will pack, map, and relocate your file collection allowing staff to focus on their core business activities.



We specialize in end tab folders for use in open shelving environments. We have both stock end tab folders, as well as customized folder solutions including pockets, fasteners, and printing.

Label Software

For offices that create multiple new records per day, our on-demand LabelsAnywhere software is your best solution. We can match all label colour schemes and allow you to create colour coded labels on demand.


Most records management programs are a hybrid of paper and electronic records. We can help determine what file collections would be best imaged and provide a turn key solution to image your documents either on or off site.

File Conversions

Our conversion services include top tab to end tab conversions, paper to electronic conversions, and consolidation/merging of file collections to a central file area.


Colour Coding

Adding colour coding to your filing system will speed file retrieval by 50% and help eliminate misfiles. Whether you apply our colour coding on site or have our factory apply labels, you will achieve better productivity guaranteed.


Records Management Software

Take control of your records and mitigate risk! We can provide small, economical solutions including simple barcode technology, to full enterprise solutions with RFID technology.



Compliance and risk mitigation can be addressed through a documented records management and a format retention policy. Our experts can advise and provide guidance on what steps should be taken to protect your organization.

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