Our mobile systems are now easier to operate than ever thanks to the new TUSC app. You can now control your powered mobile systems from your iOS or Android smartphone or tablet!

The TUSC Control app turns your smartphone or tablet into remote control for your powered mobile storage systems. You can open and close aisles, enter and search for items, and see the system’s safety status.


  • App can be installed on phones or tablets with either iOS or Android operating systems.


  • Patent-pending technology.


  • Open and close aisles from up to 100 feet away.


  • Automatically displays the number of carriages and open aisle(s).


  • Simple color coded system status: Red, Yellow, Green :
    • Red= Safety is activated, check for obstruction
    • Yellow= Aisle is locked, check aisle and press reset if clear
    • Green= System is ready for use


  • Option to reset locked aisles.


  • Option to lock out system movement by other users when app is in use.


  • Item Locator:  –  Item list files can be shared with other users of the TUSCTM Control app.
                         –  The item listing is a simple searchable text listing of items that are stored on the left and right side of each aisle.

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Grow More With Us

Grow More With Us

A One-Stop Shop for All of Your Cannabis Growing Needs

At Spacesaver Solutions Inc., we’re your one stop shop for all your growing needs. Our GROW Mobile System maximizes your growing capacity without expanding your footprint, and with our partners, we are able to optimize your space by offering the best cannabis-growing products on the market.



  • Space planning insights
  • Complete cannabis growing solutions
  • Single transaction
  • Easy installation
  • Post-sales support

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Long Term PPE Storage for Hospitals

Long Term PPE Storage for Hospitals

Increase Personal Protective Equipment Storage In Your Facility

The COVID-19 crisis has highlighted the importance of keeping emergency supplies on hand. Hospitals already have to store those kinds of items, and know how much space they can take up. In a hospital setting, every square inch of space is needed for patients, so it’s important that storage space is maximized and organized.

Our Storage Experts have worked with hospitals and pharmacies for years to find the best storage solutions for their needs. Our mobile systems eliminate wasted aisle space and free up space for other uses. 

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Showcasing Local History With Archive Storage Solutions

Showcasing Local History With Archive Storage Solutions

The Calgary Central Library Showcases Their Regional and Cultural Heritage

Public libraries are a hub of local information and have a unique opportunity to showcase the heritage of the community through displays or themed spaces. The Calgary Central Library wanted to showcase their regional and cultural heritage by displaying maps, documents, photos, and other collections.

To safely display these items in a way that allows the public to appreciate and utilize them, the library opted for flat file cabinets with glass tops. This allows the items to be seen and appreciated without risking damage from mishandling.

The cabinets were also mounted on casters so they could be moved in case of a special event, or if more space was needed.

The cabinets are a hit with staff and patrons. “We love that they’re on casters, providing us lots of flexibility. The glass display makes the materials inside more visible to visitors so that they know without signage what is in the drawers. They suit our purpose perfectly.”

Although the drawers can be locked, staff are leaving them open so visitors can have full access to the maps and other documents.

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Get The Right Zones for Your Athletic Equipment Storage Needs

Get The Right Zones for Your Athletic Equipment Storage Needs

Storage Meant For Your Gym

Finding the right athletic storage for each individual sport offered at your school can be tough. Bins are filled to the max with basketballs, soccer balls, and footballs. Cones and miscellaneous equipment for different activities are stacked on shelves. Where there’s space, there’s stuff.

But what if you could have storage that was meant for specific types of equipment, and you could pick them all out individually?

Our high density mobile storage systems for athletics come with an option to create zones, or customized gym storage for each shelf. Rather than a one-size-fits-all storage system that usually doesn’t “fit all”, you can choose how much football storage, basketball storage, or miscellaneous storage your school actually needs.

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