Showcasing Local History With Archive Storage Solutions

Showcasing Local History With Archive Storage Solutions

The Calgary Central Library Showcases Their Regional and Cultural Heritage

Public libraries are a hub of local information and have a unique opportunity to showcase the heritage of the community through displays or themed spaces. The Calgary Central Library wanted to showcase their regional and cultural heritage by displaying maps, documents, photos, and other collections.

To safely display these items in a way that allows the public to appreciate and utilize them, the library opted for flat file cabinets with glass tops. This allows the items to be seen and appreciated without risking damage from mishandling.

The cabinets were also mounted on casters so they could be moved in case of a special event, or if more space was needed.

The cabinets are a hit with staff and patrons. “We love that they’re on casters, providing us lots of flexibility. The glass display makes the materials inside more visible to visitors so that they know without signage what is in the drawers. They suit our purpose perfectly.”

Although the drawers can be locked, staff are leaving them open so visitors can have full access to the maps and other documents.

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Archives Storage Testimonial

Archives Storage Testimonial

To whom it may concern,


I would highly recommend Spacesaver Solutions Inc. to any Archives contemplating relocation. Spacesaver Solutions has provided excellent service over the years for our shelving systems with their skilled and friendly frontline technicians. We hired them for installation of shelving at our new site as well as coordinating a phased move to reuse our shelving from the old location.

It was a challenging move to coordinate between the two sites with many restrictions on each end, however, Spacesaver Solutions was able to present us with a protocol and an accurate estimation of the time required to complete the job. They began and completed the move on schedule with some time to spare which was an incredible feat.

We found the staff at Spacesaver Solutions to be professional, friendly, responsive, and flexible – it was helpful in reducing our stress to be able to discuss any issues with their staff and problem solve quickly. The moving staff treated our records with care and respect – they worked carefully to make sure records went on the shelves in the correct order and quickly responded if there were any issues.

I would certainly be pleased to work with Spacesaver Solution again on any future Archives moves.



General Council Archivist, The United Church of Canada Archives

Protect and Preserve – Ancient Artifact Storage at the ROM

Protect and Preserve – Ancient Artifact Storage at the ROM

In the Toronto Sun Series, Hidden Treasures of the ROM, reporters get a first-hand look at some of the rarely seen artifacts stored in the museum’s secret vaults and high-security warehouse.

After reviewing the content, we’ve uncovered a few treasures of our own! Our artifact storage solutions may not be awe-inspiring, but they do play a key role in the ROM’s ancient artifact storage – To Protect and Preserve!

Click on the video link below for complete coverage of the story. Our high-density mobile shelving and custom cabinets can be seen at the 5:15 mark and from 7:04 to 8:20 in the video. Make sure to scroll down to view our custom museum cabinets, storage for the Ethnology Collection at the Royal Ontario Museum.


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