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When the Peterborough Regional Health Centre (PRHC) was undergoing a renovation to its pharmacy, it had one goal in mind—to operate like the proverbial well-oiled machine. The current pharmacy was chaotic and cramped—not suitable for the minimum of 27 pharmacy techs that worked in the space at any given moment.

The goal was that the renovation would create a much more efficient and simple storage solution that would, in turn, result in a much calmer work environment. The need for everything to work in unison was a must, and that included working with the constant traffic in the room—techs wheeling carts in and out of the space, hundreds of bulk medications being unboxed and repackaged daily, and the arrival and stocking of many shipments throughout the course of a day.


Pharmacy staff at the Peterborough Regional Health Centre turned to Spacesaver Solutions Inc. to see if upgrading their storage might have a positive effect. For the pharmacy to be organized and more productive, they needed a storage solution that matched their day-to-day challenges of the space. For this reason, we installed several modular bin shelving systems into the pharmacy. The color-coded bins could be switched out depending on what was being unpackaged and stocked that day, and the standardized, open bins made it easy to keep track of inventory.


FrameWRX modular bin shelving systems can be configured on the spot and has unlimited reconfigurable options to change on the fly as your storage needs change.  The system was designed to maximize the number of standard-sized plastic bins that hang on a rail, and the bins hang slightly downward to increase the visibility components.


The systems installed in the PRHC are outfitted with numerous rows of bins in different sizes so that like-sized items and supplies have their own place. To ensure security, the pharmacy has a narcotics vault separate from the rest of the storage. Inside the smaller protected area, a high-density version of FrameWRX modular bin shelving was incorporated. The system allows the front row of bins to slide to one side via a metal frame for access to additional bins behind it, creating double the storage in the same space.


To accommodate bulky inventory and a large quantity of records, a different storage system—compact mobile shelving was installed. The system is equipped with Spacesaver’s PharmaStor end-caps, offering quick access to the most frequently used supplies without even having to enter the aisle. Every little bit of time savings helps—and the end-caps have proven to be convenient and efficient for the techs.

With the new storage systems in place, the pharmacy is simplified in a very well organized and productive way. Teams of techs move much easier up and down the aisles formed by FrameWRX, and locating items became effortless. The pharmacy at the PHRC began to run like the well-oiled machine—just as the staff had hoped.

“The storage solution allows us to organize our teams and workflow around our processes, which greatly contributes to efficient and accurate delivery of medications. We can also quickly and easily adapt to any number of changes in the industry—and continue to provide a high level of service without disruption.”

Tracy Ferguson

AMDS Systems Administrator, Peterborough Regional Health Centre

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