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Vertical Storage Carousel for Furniture Manufacturer

Founded in 1981, Woodlore began producing custom laminate office furniture in a 5,000 square foot manufacturing facility. Over the years, they’ve continued to grow and expand, and today their 140,000 square foot facility features state-of-the-art equipment and automated processes that are supported by their proprietary resource planning software.


As a leader in office furniture manufacturing, Woodlore has many sub-assembly components used on a daily basis. Due to their growth, their current storage system which had served them well for many years, needed to evolve.

They needed to implement a storage solution that would organize their supplies, improve productivity and ergonomics, while also minimizing their storage footprint, so they reached out to Spacesaver Solutions Inc. for help.

Vertical Storage Creates up to 60% More Storage Capacity and Improves Efficiency

Our Storage Experts worked with staff at Woodlore to design a Hänel Rotomat vertical carousel storage system. Designed using the Ferris wheel principle, the Hänel Rotomat brings items to the operator – not the operator to the goods. By making use of the available room height, carousel storage creates up to 60% more storage capacity.

Users operate the Rotomat by simply entering the item they want into the computer on the system. This activates the carousel to rotate, bringing the item to the user at the ergonomically designed retrieval height. 

The Woodlore system is 23′ tall with 30 carriers and 10 intermediate shelves. The Rotomat features custom graphics with the company’s logo and official colours. We also supplied custom bins to maximize space within the Rotomat.

The system produces the highest output, as it can process an entire work order without ever making more than one full rotation. By moving clockwise and counterclockwise, the Rotomat organizes the work order in an optimized path to maximize efficiency.

Woodlore is now able to store approximately 515 square feet of sub-assembly inventory on a 46 square foot floor space. They love that they’re able to maximize their storage space and easily retrieve the parts they need.

“Its footprint saves space. Its ease of use saves time!”

Raymond de Guzman

Purchasing Manager, Woodlore

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