The Peterborough Police Service prides itself on serving the community in a professional, friendly, and helpful manner. They’ve provided assistance at over 130,500 service calls in the last 5 years, and work closely with community members to prevent crime before it occurs. Their work is paying off – the police service has a 97% approval rating by residents and crime rates are falling.

Those great outcomes don’t just happen though, they’re the result of a lot of hard work on the part of officers, Lieutenants, and support staff. Law enforcement personnel often face long, draining days and can burn out quickly in such a stressful environment. That’s why, when it was time to renovate the Peterborough Police Station, the police uniform locker storage room was a priority.


Before the renovation, the Peterborough Police uniform locker room was less than welcoming. Officers were using outdated standard metal school lockers to store gear and hang clothing on pegs. With the wide array of gear officers now use on the job, the lockers weren’t as functional or pristine as they once were. After a long day on the job, the last place officers wanted to be was in a musty changing room trying to cram all their gear into an outdated uniform locker.

When planning for the renovation began, the Peterborough Police Service reached out to Gary Miskimmon, a sales rep for Spacesaver Solutions. With over 25 years of experience designing storage solutions for other public safety agencies, Gary assessed the items that were currently being stored in the police locker room and talked with officers about what other features could make the space more comfortable and functional.


The uniform locker room was outfitted with Freestyle Personal Storage Lockers to accommodate hanging uniforms, along with jackets, hats, and electronics. The uniform storage lockers also include shelves for duty belts, commonly used gear, and small weapons. The modular design of the lockers allows officers to adjust the layout based on their personal storage needs. For example, to accommodate helmets for officers who use bicycles. Additional shelves, bins, and dividers can easily be added by officers to support their changing needs.


A separate locker room was set aside to store gear and weapons for the Emergency Response Team (ERT). The ERT locker room also installed Freestyle Personal Storage Lockers, but with some modifications to suit their unique needs. Drawers were installed beneath the lockers to create additional storage space for bulky duty bags and boots. To truly maximize the space, benches were added to the top of the drawers to create a space for ERT members to dress and prepare for duty or wind down after a long shift.

In an emergency situation officers don’t have time to gather or search for missing items. That’s why it was important that all gear was in one area. Bars inside the lockers allow the ERT to hang uniforms, extra clothing, bulletproof vests, and other protective gear. The police uniform lockers are also designed with shelves and bins to accommodate radios, helmets, weapons and extra ammunition so officers can prepare quickly. Secure lock options and all-steel construction ensure that weapons and gear are accounted for at all times.


Peterborough’s officers are very pleased with the results of their new police uniform locker storage rooms. The updated lockers have not only streamlined and organized their gear storage, but have also made the locker room a comfortable place for officers to unwind after a hard day. With a better-equipped home base, Peterborough Police Service is better prepared to protect and serve their community every day. Click here to see more locker room storage solutions.

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