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The Hänel Eco-Concept

The Hänel Eco-Concept

Bringing Sustainability to Automated Storage and Retrieval

Energy-efficient systems are the key to lowering energy consumption in your warehouse, office, or factory. The actual energy consumption of automated material and file handling systems has a major impact on operating costs, amortization, and our environment.

For this reason, Hänel has always placed great emphasis on continually optimizing the energy efficiency of their vertical storage systems. From carefully selecting high-quality components and technology, to using frequency converters that use up to 50% less energy than drives powered directly from the main power supply.

The Efficient Design Principle

The Lean-Lift stores all items in height optimized positions ensuring extremely compact storage in a minimum footprint. This optimal use of storage area results in energy savings. 

The vertical carousel principle of the Hänel Rotomat is energy-efficient in its very design. Using the load imbalance indicator ensures the weight distribution inside the Rotomat is balanced. As a result, very little energy is required for a rotation or travel movement. And of course, the unit always picks the shortest route automatically. 

Optimizing The Energy Balance with Intelligent Concepts

Hänel constantly develops components that contribute to improving energy efficiency. The latest developments in this effort are embodied in three new technology profiles:


The Hänel Eco-Drive helps to save energy and reduce costs. The frequency converter uses the energy of the descending extractor and converts it back into electricity. This is then fed back into the supply system and can be used again. Depending on the rate of travel, up to 40% of the energy fed in previously for the upward run can be returned to the supply network.


A vertical carousel that remains at standstill for long periods of time can be automatically switched to pre-set levels of standby mode chosen by the user. Systems are progressively closed down by the control system in four Eco-Mode levels. This reduces energy use to a minimum when the unit is not in operation.


With Eco-Load, the Hänel microprocessor control system gives loading recommendations to the user. If these are followed, the distribution of the stored items is always evenly balanced. As a result, only minimal energy is then needed to start the storage carousel rotating.



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4 Times Vertical Lift Modules Helped with Warehousing and Distribution

4 Times Vertical Lift Modules Helped with Warehousing and Distribution



Stiles Machinery Inc. is the largest independent distributor of CNC equipment for processing wood, plastic, glass, and stone. Their parts department stocks over $30 million in inventory and ships more than 50,000 orders every year. To store their parts, they use the Hänel Lean-Lift Vertical Lift Module. The 9 Lean-Lifts are integrated with the inventory system and managed by Hänel’s software that’s tied to their ERP system. The storage and retrieval software allows for a same-day ship rate of 99.9% and a sales order based first-pass fill rate of over 94% – almost 10% above the national average. By integrating with the inventory system, pick times are reduced and all parts are delivered to the user at an ergonomically-correct height, saving employees from injury and improving productivity.



Livingston & Haven in Charlotte, NC built a new headquarters with a large warehouse and distribution centre. They needed a flexible solution that would help them process thousands of parts to support their manufacturing clients, so they installed Hänel Lean-Lift Vertical Lift Modules. The new warehouse was designed with a deep pit at one end for a row of 4 Hänel Lean-Lifts with room to grow. By digging the pit, the lifts could be taller for more capacity with the access point at floor level.

The Lean-Lifts feature handheld barcode scanners and printers connected to Livingston & Haven’s inventory control system. This allows orders to be picked and labeled right at the machines and then sent to shipping for final processing. A single employee can now pick and stock hundreds of parts per hour.



Fast equipment turnaround times are critical for Mississippi Valley Stihl’s clients. So when they started running out of space at their Peoria, IL facility, they turned to the experts at Hänel. Hänel installed 4 Lean-Lift Vertical Lift Modules to consolidate 8,500 square feet of shelving into just 128 square feet. They also installed an inventory control system allowing MVS to eliminate paper orders and pack lists. Not only did the vertical storage reduce their footprint, it also saved employees time by not having to go and retrieve parts; instead everything is delivered right to them.  Overall, as a result of Hänel Lean-Lifts, MVS was able to save space, improve efficiency, and provide a better customer experience.



United Launch Alliance provides space launch services for the U.S. government. Their production facility in Dacatur, Alabama houses their manufacturing, assembly, and integration of massive rockets with a warehouse nearby to store all their parts and supplies.

ULA needed a better way to store all of their parts so Hänel’s experts performed an audit. ULA’s inventory was consistent, with a uniform shape/size making the Hänel Rotomat Vertical Lift Module the perfect solution. 6 Rotomat Vertical Carousels were installed, and Hänel’s microprocessor-based controls integrated the vertical lift modules with ULA’s existing warehouse management system. Now, orders are efficiently processed across multiple machines helping improve organization, productivity, and use of space.



1. Fixed shelves waste space
2. Searching wastes time
3. Walking wastes energy
4. Shrinkage wastes money

Hänel Rotomat brings the goods to the user; not the user to the goods. This saves time!

Hänel Lean-Lift’s design enables up to 60% more storage capacity by using available room height. This saves costs!

5 BIG Benefits of Vertical Storage

5 BIG Benefits of Vertical Storage

Vertical storage (also known as vertical lift modules) allows you to store your items in a system that will bring what you need to you at the push of a button. Commonly used in industrial, automotive, and healthcare applications, vertical storage is a great solution that can be customized to meet all your needs. These are the 5 big benefits of vertical storage.



Vertical storage frees up space that you can use for more storage or additional revenue generating activities.


Parts are picked with fewer people which creates more efficient operations and faster service times.


All valuable inventory items are contained, under lock and key, and protected by password access.


Hänel’s advanced controllers and software options improve inventory accuracy to +99%.


Parts are brought to the operator to eliminating stooping, reaching, and heavy lifting.




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