New Digital Tools are Changing The Way We Use Locker Rooms

When you think about the locker room, high-tech may not be the first thing that comes to mind, but with these new trends, the locker room as we know it is changing. These changes are subtle, seamlessly integrated, and silently improving the member experience. Check out these 5 technologies transforming our locker rooms.

1. Digital Printing Technology

Graphics are now being used to create a mood, engage members, and promote branding within the locker room. Easily printed on walls, plastic, glass, tile, locker laminates, and acoustical materials, the sky’s the limit.

Not only are graphics being found on locker room walls, digital printing is now being used in flooring. Print technologies allow clubs to extend flooring motifs used in other areas of the facility to the locker room. Locker rooms are no longer stuck with plain, functional flooring – they can be exciting too!

2. Smart Lighting

The locker room poses a special challenge because there is generally fewer windows in this space to create natural light. This makes smart lighting very important. Technology is now able to maximize the light that’s available, increase energy efficiency, and create an inviting environment.

LED lights are able to detect when the exterior light level rises and in response, reduce the output from light fixtures saving energy. You can even “tune” the colour of the bulbs, from warm white, to neutral, to cool depending on the feeling you want to create.

Smart lights are now scalable, wireless, dimmable, and sensor-based that allow you to control a single room, or the entire building! Keep lights off in rooms where there is no activity and have them turn on as soon as motion is detected. 

3. High Tech Fixtures

Improve water efficiency and patron experience with digitally controlled sinks, showers, and toilets. These amenities allow owners to track water consumption from an app as well as create a personalized experience for clients.

Currently found in upscale clubs, these fixtures are becoming mainstream must haves. In the near future, a member can simply input their number in a keypad to have a personal setting automatically adjust the lighting, water temperature, and water pressure to their personal preference.

4. Rethinking Security

Security is one of the most important aspects of a locker room. Clients want the peace of mind knowing that the belongings they store in their lockers are safe and secure. Lock manufacturers have stepped up to the challenge and have come out with a wide variety of options that take security to the next level.

Choose from electronic keypad, RFID reader, mechanical combination lock, coin-operated, hasp lock, or keypad lock to suit your needs. Members can even open and close their lockers with a smartphone via low-power BLE (Bluetooth) or near-field communication. These locks are secure, user-friendly, and easy for staff to manage.

New locker management software allows operators to easily determine how lockers are used. Thanks to multiple lock modes, lockers can be made freely available to all users with a valid credential, can be designated as a personal locker, can be rented, and more.

5. A New Class of Lockers

New technology is taking lockers to the next level with beautiful designs and functionality including power, built in lighting, and even ventilation systems that will quickly dry clothes and uniforms!

On the exterior of the lockers you can choose from laminate, glass, plastic, and metal lockers with a variety of finishes and graphic options.

On the inside of the lockers, built in USB and outlets let clients charge their devices, while integrated lighting, shelving, drawers, and custom compartments are just a few of the many options available.


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