Tamarack Lumber High Density Storage and Lockers

Tamarack Lumber High Density Storage and Lockers

Organized Office with Mobile System and Employee Lockers

Tamarack Lumber has been offering first class service to customers since 1973. They have an outstanding selection of products covering 35 acres, including a Truss Manufacturing Plant, a Retail Store, a Corporate Office, and enough lumber and plywood to supply any construction site.


In their new corporate office, Tamarack Lumber needed help storing and managing their files, and complying with their retention policy of keeping files for 7 years. They also wanted to increase security for their HR and client files in their new space.

In their lunchroom, Tamarack needed a place for employees to store their personal belongings while at work. So they reached out to the experts at Spacesaver Solutions Inc. for help.

High Density System and Employee Lockers Maximize Storage, Organize Files, and Secure Belongings

Our Storage Experts designed two storage solutions that would allow Tamarack Lumber to store their materials more strategically, manage the security of their files, create visual solutions to apply retention policies, and securely store employees’ personal belongings.

The powered high density mobile system stores the company’s HR, AR, and AP files along with other materials. When staff need to access an aisle, they simply press the “move” button on the touchscreen and the correct aisle opens up. For added security, the touchscreens on restricted aisles require a passcode before the carriages will move and allow access. This ensures that only authorized staff are able to access the sensitive information stored within.

Located in the lunchroom, we designed 56 employee day use lockers to store their personal belongings. The lockers are operated with a combination lock so staff don’t have to worry about managing lost or stolen keys. The new lockers help tidy up the lunch area making it a great place for staff to take a break and enjoy their lunches.

Staff at Tamarack Lumber are thrilled with their new storage solutions. They can now better manage the security of their files, improve their records management processes, and increase capacity with room to grow.

“Our smart storage and retrieval solution makes a smooth day!”

- Michael Hou


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Toronto Raptors Training Facility Athletic Storage

Toronto Raptors Training Facility Athletic Storage


The Toronto Raptors are Canada’s basketball team. Since their start in 1995, they have won six division titles, made the playoffs 11 times, and won the 2019 NBA Championship! While they play their games at the Scotiabank Arena, they spend most of their time training at the OVO Athletic Centre.


Opened in February 2016, the OVO Athletic Centre is 68,000 sq ft. The facility has two full size basketball courts, locker rooms, training and medical facilities, player amenities, and storage areas for their equipment.

When the OVO Athletic Facility was being built, our Storage Experts worked with the architects to design and plan the storage for the building. Working together, we created user friendly athletic storage solutions to securely store the team’s athletic wear, exercise equipment, and player’s personal belongings.

Storage Solution Includes Mobile Storage, Worktables, and A High Security Locker

We designed two high density storage systems, movable Rousseau worktables, and a secure locker to hold players’ valuables when training at the facility.

The first high density mobile system is powered. Located in the back storage area, the system stores the team’s jerseys, clothing, and other memorabilia. Staff simply press a button to move the large carriages and access the aisles.

Also located in the back storage area are two Rousseau worktables. These worktables feature stainless steel tops for durability, many doors and drawers for added storage, and are placed on castors to allow staff to move them to where they are most needed.

The second high density system is a mechanical assist system, located in the training area. Players simply turn the three spoke handles to access weights, jump ropes, exercise bands, foam rollers, and other miscellaneous exercise equipment.

Lastly, we designed a high security locker usually used in police departments to store players’ valuables while they are working out in the training area. The locker features multiple bins and pull out drawers to securely store a variety of items.

“The Raptors love their Spacesaver storage solution!”

Curtis Andrade

Assistant Equipment Manager

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The Hillman Group Employee Lockers

The Hillman Group Employee Lockers


The Hillman Group started in 1964 as a fastener company, serving independently-owned hardware stores. During the past five decades, they’ve leveraged their unique ability to simplify the hardware buying experience and become the industry leader to top home improvement and local hardware retailers.


The company was opening a new location in Scarborough and wanted a locker solution that would securely store belongings for 423 employees while allowing for ventilation and visibility into the lockers. They also wanted the lockers to be able to accept electrical wiring for charging ports at a later date.

Our Storage Experts designed multiple banks of three-tiered  metal lockers with hasp locks and perforated doors in a diamond mesh pattern. The lockers were installed on a recessed toe kick base for enhanced ergonomics and feature cut-outs to accommodate electrical wiring which will be installed by an electrician in the future.

Staff love their new lockers! They’re not only functional and durable, but look great as well!

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Dentsu Aegis Network Staff Lockers

Dentsu Aegis Network Staff Lockers

Custom Modular Lockers for Employees at Dentsu Aegis Network

Dentsu Aegis Network is the first global marketing services group built for the digital economy. They are designed around their customers to drive sustainable business growth for their clients’ brands and businesses.


For their new Toronto offices, the leaders at Dentsu Aegis Network wanted to create an open work environment that would reflect their commitment to innovation and collaboration. They wanted a flexible space that could accommodate more employees as the company grew.

The new open offices cover multiple floors of a downtown high rise, and feature a mix of workstations and collaboration areas that allow employees to choose how they want to work depending on what they’re working on.

Without permanently assigned desks or offices, employees needed a space to store their personal items so they reached out to the storage experts at Spacesaver Solutions Inc.

Modular Design Allows Staff to Rearrange Lockers to Suit Their Needs

Our Storage Experts worked with Dentsu Aegis Network to design day use lockers for their team. The concept of unassigned, day use lockers was new to the firm and they weren’t sure how employees would prefer to use them so we designed a few options to suit everyone’s needs.

The modern, black steel lockers are modular and a variety of different sizes so that they can be mixed and matched as needs change. The lockers are 3 – 5 tiers high (60”) and feature a Digilock which allows employees to access their lockers with a code.

Some employees needed secure storage for insulin and other medications that have to be refrigerated, so we designed special perforated lockers for privacy and security, with ventilation for small refrigeration units. These lockers fit in seamlessly with the other lockers at the firm.

A few weeks after the lockers had been installed, the leadership at Dentsu Aegis Network found that employees preferred their lockers to be the same size as their coworkers. Because of the modular design, we were able to rearrange the lockers to create uniform sizes for each floor.

The end result is an aesthetically pleasing personal storage system that provides security and room to grow.

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Unilever Staff Locker Storage

Unilever Staff Locker Storage


Unilever is one of the world’s leading consumer goods companies, making and selling around 400 brands in more than 190 countries. With a purpose to make sustainable living commonplace, they are committed to creating products and distribution systems that minimize environmental impacts, and invest heavily in social and environmental programs.


When Unilever started the renovation of their Toronto offices, they knew they wanted a modern space with a focus on sustainable products. They were switching from an office environment to a hoteling system where employees would choose different work environments to suit their needs throughout the day. With a hoteling system, there is no assigned seating, so employees would need space to store their personal belongings.

Unilever wanted employee lockers that would work well and look great for a long time. So they reached out to the experts at Spacesaver Solutions Inc. for help.

Our Storage Experts worked with Unilever’s designers to create a sustainable locker solution that would fit with the new modern look of their offices, and hold up to years of daily use.

400 Five-Tier Lockers Span Two Floors of Office Space

The locker solution consists of 400 locker openings spanning two floors of the new office space. This gives Unilever enough storage for current employees while allowing for future growth.

The lockers are 5 tiers high (68″), and feature steel doors and custom vinyl number graphics. The vinyl numbers can be removed and replaced in the future, allowing Unilever to create a whole new look without the expense and environmental impact of ordering new lockers.

Unilever chose combination locks so that employees would never have to worry about losing their keys. Combination locks also don’t have any batteries that need to be changed, reducing maintenance costs in the future.

Employees now have a dedicated personal space in their hoteling environment. The staff love their new space and the look and functionality of their lockers.

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