Powered High Density Storage

With it’s best-in-class safety features, the powered mobile high density storage system is the perfect option for public spaces or high traffic areas.

Powered High Density Storage

For organizations that need constant, easy access to the stuff stored in their high density shelving, a powered system is the ideal solution. Simply push a button to open the aisle of your choice. The LCD touchscreen’s intuitive menu and tutorials for operating the system make it easier than ever to store and access the items you need in a safe and secure way.

With it’s best-in-class safety features, the powered mobile system is the perfect option for public spaces or high traffic areas. The passive safety system ensures that each person operating the mobile shelving can do so safely. An infrared photoelectric Zero Force Sensor prevents a carriage from moving when a person or object is detected, and immediately stops movement in an aisle if a person enters as it’s closing.

Keep confidential information secure by preventing unauthorized access to selected aisles or even the entire system. Each carriage of the mobile system can be programmed with a specific lock code that only allows access to authorized staff. This access can be managed via a PIN code or a swipe card. For added security, an audit log function records who has accessed the system, and the log can be downloaded and viewed through any spreadsheet program or text viewer.

Protect sensitive materials with optional environmental sensors that check for temperature, humidity levels, and water. If the sensors detect something harmful, auto move will be triggered to either open each aisle or completely close the system. The shelving can even link to your building’s fire protection and security systems, and send emails alerting staff of any danger.

The powered high density system provides the complete solution for storing your organization’s stuff. Whether storing files, heavy boxes, or ancient artifacts, this system will improve productivity, maximize space, and mitigate your risk. Choose from a variety of colours, finishes, and end-panel materials to make your system a beautiful piece of furniture. 

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