Manual High Density System

A Manual high density storage system allow you to maximize space and improve your efficiencies.

Manual High Density System


Having the right amount of storage means more than just having additional space. In many cases, it means having happier, safer, and more productive employees. It also means more room for your inventory, equipment, or supplies. Create a safe and organized area that is crucial to the growth of your organization. Manual high density storage systems allow you to maximize space and improve your efficiencies. Cut your storage footprint in half or double your storage capacity by eliminating fixed aisles. These mobile systems place static shelving on carriages that move back and forth along rails in the floor. You can mount almost any type of storage on manual mobile systems including drawers, bins, lateral files, cabinet doors, and more! You can even mount your existing shelving and cabinets on the carriages for a budget-friendly option.

A manual high density system is a great option for compacting and storing lighter items. A cost-effective alternative to the mechanical-assist control, manual systems are moved by pulling a straight handle to move shelves from side to side For items that need to be protected such as client files or valuable inventory, a waist-high locking system provides security as you can lock an aisle closed or close the entire system to protect the items stored inside.

Storage can be beautiful! Choose from a wide range of paint colours, finishes, and materials to make your storage system an attractive addition to your organization. You can even customize the end panels with your organization’s logo and colours to make it a feature!




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