Pharmacy High Density Storage

Get instant access to the medications, materials, and supplies you need with the pharmacy high density front end storage system.

Pharmacy Storage

Get instant access to the medications, materials, and supplies you need with the pharmacy high density front end storage system. Designed by pharmacists, this is the most efficient pharmaceutical storage system for hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, and laboratories.

The pharmacy high density front end storage system is like a pharmacy in a box! This self-contained unit can store all of your supplies on carriages that move back and forth along rails in the floor of the system. By mounting the storage cabinets or shelving on wheeled carriages, you can eliminate the wasted space that fixed aisles create. This allows you to double your storage capacity in your current footprint, or free up valuable floor space for other more productive uses.

Get instant access to the supplies you need with end-of-aisle shelves for frequently used items. Acrylic bin fronts provide instant recognition of shelf contents (perfect for bar code labels) and let you see when stock is running low. You can also use these front end shelves for daily staging and work in process, optimizing your work flow.

Customize your system to meet your needs. The front end storage system can be any height, width, or depth you desire. Choose a combination of shelves and cabinets, add different safety features, and pick your mode of operation – it’s all up to you! The convenient adjustable shelves can fit any size materials, and can be easily raised or lowered to suit your changing needs.

Security is extremely important when it comes to pharmaceutical storage and that’s where the pharmacy high density storage system shines. Lockable cabinet doors can be added for increased protection in exposed aisles as a compliment to a system security lock. Optional key code access and audit log tracking provide peace of mind. But most importantly, the system can also be closed and locked at the end of each day.

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