High Bay Shelving Systems

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High-Bay Shelving Systems

Many libraries are taking advantage of off-site facilities for a portion of their lightly-used book collections. This allows them to take advantage of space for collaborative areas, study rooms, and makerspaces that are becoming part of a library’s offerings to its students and communities. Maximize the space in that off-site space by choosing an archival storage option like the high-bay shelving system. High-bay shelving uses all available vertical space, lengthening the height of shelving from floor to ceiling.

There are two types of high-bay shelving – static and mobile. Static shelving is very similar to traditional shelving, but instead of being 10 feet tall, these shelves can reach 35 feet high with up to 30 tiers of shelves! The mobile high-bay system removes wasted aisle space by placing the 35-foot-high shelves on carriages that move back and forth on rails in the floor. Compact your storage to cut your footprint in half, or store twice as much in the same space.

High-Bay storage lets you protect and easily access your archived materials. To ensure straight and safe travel for high-lift order picker vehicles, guidance wires are imbedded in the concrete floor of the system. The high-bay shelving system is equipped with aisle-entry sensors that automatically stop carriages from moving when a person is detected for complete user safety. It also features an anti-tip system and meets the most stringent NARA (National Archives and Records Administration) fire suppression standards to protect all materials stored on the shelves.

Three simple buttons on the high-bay shelving system make it is easy to use. “Move Left”, “Move Right”, and “Stop” control all system movement with an open aisle indicator light to show the status of the system. An infrared remote option also maximizes user convenience.

If you’re looking into off-site storage, or need some help maximizing your warehouse space, our storage experts are happy to help! We’ll meet with you to assess your needs and design a custom storage solution.

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