Scandinave Spa Lockers

Scandinave Spa Lockers


Scandinave Spa Blue Mountain is a nordic style spa that emulates the experience of a hot springs. By providing a unique hydrotherapy experience, the spa combines age-old thermal tradition with cutting edge facilities, contemporary design, and natural integrations.


Scandinave Spa had two outdated change rooms with key operated lockers. When the keys frequently went missing, the spa would lose access to the lockers, reducing capacity in their pools, and shrinking their profit. They wanted to create a better system to manage their locker rooms so they reached out to the experts at Spacesaver Solutions.

Our Storage Expert worked with the staff at Scandinave Spa to design two beautiful new change rooms with lockers and benches that would maximize capacity, and RFID locks that would eliminate lost keys.

The lockers are two-tiered, and feature metal bodies and sleek high pressure laminate doors. Each locker has an RFID lock that works with branded Scandinave Spa wristbands. Patrons simply choose and empty locker to use, close the door, and place their wristband against the RFID lock to lock it. When they want access to their locker, they once again place their wristband against the RFID lock and the door will pop open.

In case spa goers forget which locker is theirs, they can use the RFID information terminals throughout the locker rooms to scan their wristbands and their locker number will pop up on the screen.

Staff at Scandinave Spa love their new change rooms!

They now have access to all of their lockers with no issues of lost keys or capacity. The ROI for the locker project is less than one year with the additional capacity of 80 extra lockers, and eliminated costs of replacing keys and key barrels. The before and after photos are incredible and the change rooms now fit with the look and feel of the spa.

“It was a pleasure to work with the Spacesaver Solutions Team! Their professionalism and dedication to our project was exceptional. The installation, which was done without interruption to our business, was impressive and appreciated We would not hesitate to recommend Spacesaver Solutions Inc!”

- Rob Cederberg

Managing Director, Scandinave Spa Blue Mountain

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