Rotary Cabinets

Rotary Cabinets Are the Space Efficient

Rotary Cabinets

Maximizing office floor space is essential given today’s high real estate costs. If you’re running out of space, and don’t have many options available for adding storage, rotary cabinets are an excellent solution. Rotary cabinets are the space efficient and cost-effective alternative to lateral and vertical file cabinets. Perfect for awkward alcoves, or in areas where people need access to both sides of the cabinet, rotary storage offers the same or greater capacity as conventional file cabinets in a fraction of the floor space.

This unique cabinet solution is designed with two shelves that are placed back to back and spin on a rotating unit similar to a lazy susan within a cabinet. This allows users to easily access two full sides of shelving from both sides of the system. The cabinet rotates 360 degrees to save floor space for storing files, supplies, boxes, books, binders, and more in one secure locking cabinet. To operate the rotary cabinet, simply press the foot pedal and gently push to spin the shelving. When not in use, files can be locked in the closed position, presenting a clean, uncluttered appearance.

Rotary cabinets are available in many different options with a wide range of accessories to suit your needs. Choose from collaboration tables with rotating base cabinets, corridor storage that maximizes hallway space, or workstations with secure personal storage. You can even add wardrobe towers to workstations to give employees more storage without sacrificing space and security.

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