KI-700 Series Filing Cabinets

You Can Create an Office Environment With a True Wow Factor!

Filing Cabinets

Traditionally, filing cabinets were an ugly, but necessary piece of furniture in every office. They did a fairly good job of keeping everything organized, but never reached their full potential – until now. Create an attractive office environment while increasing efficiency and productivity with our line of filing cabinets.

From files and binders, to boxes and office supplies, you can store it all in our unique line of filing cabinets. Choose from lateral files, bookcases, storage cabinets, and pedestals that are all preconfigured for your storage requirements.

These filing cabinets maximizing space, minimizing retrieval times, and storing virtually anything you need in a safe and secure cabinet. Made from steel and finished in powder coat paint for durability, they’re designed to be flexible and adjustable as your business needs change.

The filing cabinets boast multiple security features to keep you and your items safe. The patented interlock system ensures user safety by preventing more than one drawer from opening at a time. There is also a unique individual lock option that provides security for multiple users of the same cabinet. A security pan covers the top of each drawer inside the cabinet to ensure that no one can access the closed drawer below the one currently being accessed. The core-removable double-bit lock is interchangeable with any lock in the file system so as your security needs change – so do your cabinets.

With so many colours, styles, and detail options to choose from, you can create an office environment with a true wow factor. The cabinets’ sleek designs and sturdy construction make them the perfect addition to the office environment, blending beautifully into any design. Use your new filing cabinets to divide space and define work areas, storing nearly anything you need close at hand. Combine flexibility, security, and style to make a powerful statement.

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