Museum Cabinets

Viking Museum Cabinets Protect Your Collections, Save Space, and Provide Enduring Solutions for Institutions of All Sizes.

Museum Cabinets

Collection care is arguably the single most important undertaking for museums both large and small. As collections continue to grow, efficient storage space, and optimum convenience and control have become primary needs in today’s preservation strategies.

At Spacesaver, we fully recognize that one of the single greatest decisions made by a conservator or curator is the selection of a storage system to protect the collection. The most significant factors influencing your choice in storage systems are conservation, preservation, and security. To that end, we’ve partnered with Viking Metal Cabinet Company to offer you a single source for all your museum cabinet storage needs.

For smaller items and priceless artifacts, museum storage cabinets can be designed to meet the specific needs of your staff, facility, schedule, and budget. The cabinets can accommodate any size of drawers, dividers and trays, and can easily be placed on mobile carriages to maximize space. Made in the USA of high quality steel, these cabinets are approved for museum and archival use, with solvent-free, non-reactive, baked polyester coating. The Viking systems are scientifically designed and engineered to provide maximum conservation and security – protecting artifacts from dust, water, and damage.

Viking museum cabinets protect your collections, save space, and provide enduring solutions for institutions of all sizes. We know that each collection is unique and your storage should be too. We have specialized cabinets for botany, entomology, and other disciplines – our museum cases are fully configurable and customizable to suit any need.

Our Storage Experts will work with you to determine the best museum storage solution for your situation. Our experts are always happy to provide a free in depth space analysis. We will evaluate the size, shape, and weight of the objects being stored, the access and retrieval frequency, the existing architectural constraints, and security concerns to ensure that you are completely happy with the finished solution.

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