Large Document Storage

Change the Way You Store Your Information With the Easi File Large Document Storage Solution

Large Document Storage

Does your organization store a lot of large format drawings, blueprints, bulky documents, or maps? These documents take up a lot of space and can be difficult to store. There’s the problem of where to store them, the need to protect them, and the risk of rips and tears that are common with large flat file storage.

Change the way you store your information with the Easi File large document storage solution. Instead of traditional lay flat file storage, the Easi File stores your large documents by hanging them vertically. Storing your documents vertically make them easier and faster to work with. No more bending, climbing ladders, or rifling through heavy stacks to find the specific drawing you need. Simply open the large document storage system, sort, and retrieve the documents you’re looking for.

Not only does vertical storage protect your large documents from rips, tears, and creases, it is also more space efficient. Save up to 69% of your floor space, lower facility costs and better utilize your budgets by going vertical!

Built specifically for storing drawings, blueprints, and maps, the Easi File system can hold 2,500 documents in sizes from 8.5” x 11” all the way up to 72” x 44”.

Easi File large document storage solutions are hand crafted in the USA, made from 100% recycled steel, and finished with a non-outgassing powder coating making them the perfect solution for any office environment. The large document storage solution comes with a full, limited lifetime warranty and is trusted by companies such as Boeing, Hydro Ottawa, The World Bank, and ExxonMobil.

Whether you’re storing sets or single sheets, blueprints or maps, circuit boards, or architectural drawings, Easi File is the world’s best large document storage solution and will exceed your expectations every time. Our storage experts are happy to work with you to determine the best large document storage solution – contact us to get started!

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