Showcasing Local History With Archive Storage Solutions

Showcasing Local History With Archive Storage Solutions

The Calgary Central Library Showcases Their Regional and Cultural Heritage

Public libraries are a hub of local information and have a unique opportunity to showcase the heritage of the community through displays or themed spaces. The Calgary Central Library wanted to showcase their regional and cultural heritage by displaying maps, documents, photos, and other collections.

To safely display these items in a way that allows the public to appreciate and utilize them, the library opted for flat file cabinets with glass tops. This allows the items to be seen and appreciated without risking damage from mishandling.

The cabinets were also mounted on casters so they could be moved in case of a special event, or if more space was needed.

The cabinets are a hit with staff and patrons. “We love that they’re on casters, providing us lots of flexibility. The glass display makes the materials inside more visible to visitors so that they know without signage what is in the drawers. They suit our purpose perfectly.”

Although the drawers can be locked, staff are leaving them open so visitors can have full access to the maps and other documents.

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Creating Adaptable Spaces in Campus Libraries

Creating Adaptable Spaces in Campus Libraries

Maximize your space while being flexible for future changes

As students’ needs and learning styles evolve, libraries have to adapt their space to serve different purposes. The difficulty is campus libraries rarely have the opportunity or budget to renovate. They have to get creative with their space – that’s where we, the Storage Experts come in. 

There are many different library storage solutions that will let you maximize your storage of media and collections, while still allowing you to condense your storage footprint. This creates more space for other student resources such as group work, quiet study, and community spaces. 

Check out the different types of stationary and mobile shelving below that allow you to maximize your space while being flexible for future changes.

A-Frame Carts

Mounted on exposed casters to allow for frequent rearranging of the space  

Stationary Cantilever Shelving

Designed to be a more permanent fixture

Cantilever Carts

Concealed casters still allow for flexibility, but are meant for more infrequent moves

Compact Mobile Shelving

Maximizes space and stores more

If you’re designing a new campus library or overhauling your current one, our Storage Experts are happy to help! We’re the experts in creating custom library storage solutions that will fit your design and budget – contact us to get started today!


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