Hänel Carousel Storage

The Hänel Carousel Storage System Protects All Inventory from Dust, Light, and Unauthorized Access

Hänel Carousel Storage

Perfect for materials handling or computerized spare parts storage, the Hänel Rotomat can do it all! The Rotomat offers a flexible hanel carousel storage system that adapts to your needs, and allows you to fit an enormous amount of storage in a small footprint.

Designed using the Ferris wheel principle, the Hänel Rotomat brings items to the operator – not the operator to the goods. By making use of the available room height, carousel storage creates up to 60% more storage capacity. This allows you to use your space more efficiently and reduce your costs.

Users operate the Rotomat by simply entering the item they want into the computer on the system. This activates the carousel to spin, bringing the item to the user at the ergonomically designed retrieval area. Staff no longer have to bend, climb ladders, or walk long distances to search for parts and materials, drastically reducing retrieval times and safety risks!

High-performance controllers that interface with the IT systems make the Hanel carousel storage system as flexible as you need it to be. Maximize your space by adapting the multifunction carriers to suit your highly varied inventory items and store them in optimal positions.

Design the system to span multiple floors with access points at each floor for maximum efficiency. This allows several people to operate the carousel and process jobs simultaneously. Plus, units can be added, expanded, or separated as your storage needs change.

The Hänel carousel storage system protects all inventory from dust, light, and unauthorized access. Self-supporting steel plate casing, lockable, smooth-running sliding doors, environmentally friendly powder coating, as well as impact-resistant and shock-proof enamel finishes make this system the ideal solution. Create a unique look with customized finishes to suit your environment.

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