Weapons Storage

Weapons storage needs to be safe, accessible, and customized for the specific needs of your facility.

Weapons Storage

Weapons rack storage needs to be safe, accessible, and customized for the specific needs of your facility. That’s why we offer a line of weapons storage solutions to suit all your different needs.

We offer a wide range of secure weapons storage solutions including static weapons racks, sally port gun lockers, universal weapons racks, universal expeditionary weapons storage systems, and modular weapons storage systems.

Static Weapons Rack

The static weapons rack transforms existing 4 post shelving into an instant weapons storage solution for long guns and pistols. The system supports a variety of weapon lengths with an adjustable barrel rest, and can be configured for two levels of long gun storage. It can also be used with high density mobile storage systems.

Sally Port Gun Lockers

Sally Port gun lockers offer a highly secure solution for temporary gun storage. We offer floor-mounted and wall-mounted gun lockers that are available in a variety of sizes to store handguns, rifles, and shotguns. Ideal for interview rooms, common areas, or any location that requires gun security.

Combination Gun Lockers

Combination gun lockers allow you to efficiently store your handguns, shotguns, rifles, and ammunition all within the same unit. Made of all welded construction with heavy duty continuous hinges, they exceed even the toughest security standards. Choose from keypad or combination locks, and use a master key to open the full-size, main door for inspecting all compartments, performing weapons inventory, and maintenance. 

Universal Weapon Rack

Combining thoughtful design and unmatched features, the Universal Weapon Rack (UWR) storage system is versatile and flexible. Adjustable racks accommodate weapons of different lengths and types. Perforated side doors and sides simplify weapons inventory assessments and keep them secure. Most optics and accessories can remain assembled and zeroed to the weapon while being stored. The UWR completely prevents weapons from movement, shock, and abrasion.

Universal Expeditionary Weapons Storage System

When it comes to weapons storage, the needs of a field mission are very different than those in garrison. When you ship weapons that aren’t optimal for deployment, they can arrive damaged wasting time. The Universal Expeditionary Weapons Storage System (UEWSS) is capable of storing, shipping, and supporting all arms, crew-serve weapons, and associated collateral gear that a unit needs. The result is a mobilized arms room with a mission that’s more organized and less stressful.


Lastly, the WeaponWRX Modular Weapons Storage System allows for multiple storage confiurations for any type of small arms, and can be stored with optics and other accessories mounted to the weapons. Easy to configure, the system shares components with the Universal Weapons Rack (UWR) and FrameWRX storage systems. They can be single-sided (attached to a wall) or double-sided (free standing), or with a high density mobile system to optimize storage density.

Contact a storage expert to learn more about these weapons storage solutions and to recommend a system that will work best for you.

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