Patient Server Storage

Reduce or Eliminate the Need for Traditional Sterile Supply Storage Rooms With Patient Server

Patient Server Storage

Every minute of a nurse’s time is valuable, and so is every square foot of space dedicated to their needs. Unfortunately, existing facility models actually take nurses away from direct patient care as they spend hours “hunting and gathering” supplies every day. Make a change that will equip your nurses with the tools they need to spend more time with their patients providing care.

Introducing our line of patient servers. Empower nurses to “go the distance” for patients and not supplies by keeping 80% of the supplies they need within 10 steps from where they need them. The patient server is a decentralized nurse station that is built right into the walls of each patient’s room. Reduce or eliminate the need for traditional sterile supply storage rooms with patient servers. The unique and highly efficient nurse supply stations extend fully outside each patient room for easy restocking. With patented pull out shelving, the system provides full access to the shelves from both inside and outside the room. Traffic is reduced by stocking supplies from outside the room, protecting your patients. This minimizes patient exposure and interruptions, and allows supplies to be accessed much more efficiently.

The patient server is also easily accessible from inside the patient room. The entire shelf width is within easy sight and reach – just steps from the patient’s bed. Choose from anti-microbial finishes and powder-coat paint options that are durable and easy to clean for a sterile environment.

Durable bearings and a proprietary “smooth-stopping” device ensure smooth starts and stops for the patient server. This makes the unit quiet to operate, and protects all supplies during movement even when fully stocked.

Give your nurses a built-in advantage with the patient server system. For more information, contact our storage experts today!

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