“I would highly recommend Spacesaver Solutions Inc. to any Archives contemplating relocation. Spacesaver Solutions has provided excellent service over the years for our shelving systems with their skilled and friendly frontline technicians. We hired them for installation of shelving at our new site as well as coordinating a phased move to reuse our shelving from the old location.

It was a challenging move to coordinate between the two sites with many restrictions on each end, however Spacesaver Solutions was able to present us with a protocol and an accurate estimation of the time required to complete the job. They began and completed the move on schedule with some time to spare which was an incredible feat.

We found the staff at Spacesaver Solutions to be professional, friendly, responsive, and flexible – it was helpful in reducing our stress to be able to discuss any issues with their staff and problem solve quickly. The moving staff treated our records with care and respect – they worked carefully to make sure records went on the shelves in the correct order and quickly responded if there were any issues.

I would certainly be pleased to work with Spacesaver Solutions again on any future Archives moves. Please feel free to contact me directly if you have any specific questions about our relocation.”



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