Get The Right Zones for Your Athletic Equipment Storage Needs

Get The Right Zones for Your Athletic Equipment Storage Needs

Storage Meant For Your Gym

Finding the right athletic storage for each individual sport offered at your school can be tough. Bins are filled to the max with basketballs, soccer balls, and footballs. Cones and miscellaneous equipment for different activities are stacked on shelves. Where there’s space, there’s stuff.

But what if you could have storage that was meant for specific types of equipment, and you could pick them all out individually?

Our high density mobile storage systems for athletics come with an option to create zones, or customized gym storage for each shelf. Rather than a one-size-fits-all storage system that usually doesn’t “fit all”, you can choose how much football storage, basketball storage, or miscellaneous storage your school actually needs. 


Check out some of our different examples of configurations below!

If you’re designing a new equipment room or overhauling your current one, our Storage Experts are happy to help! We’re the experts in creating custom athletic storage solutions that will fit your design and budget – contact us to get started today!


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