When most people are designing spaces in their office such as mailrooms, work/copy rooms, kitchens, reception areas, and more, they usually think of custom millwork. However, there is another option that is modular, cost competitive, SCS Certified, and lifetime warranty backed. Modular casework is an excellent option for offices and there are many reasons to choose it over custom millwork – here are seven.

                                                      1. Factory Produced

Modular Casework is manufactured in an environment with computer controlled machinery that can make precision cuts and guaranteed measurements.


                                                       2. Quickly Installed

When modular casework is shipped, it is fully assembled and ready to install. This cuts the installation time to about half that of traditional millwaork, saving time and money.


                                                       3. Reconfigurable

In order to reconfigure or relocate, the modules do not have to be damaged or disassembled. This makes it very easy to reuse when things change.


                                                        4. Repairable

The doors, drawers, hinges, and end panels or modular casework are much easier to repair than traditional millwork because their components are engineered to disassemble and reattach.

                                                        5. Depreciable

Modular Casework is treated like furniture and may be depreciable for tax purposes over a much shorter period as compared to millwork, which is classified as a leasehold improvement, thus saving you money.


                                                         6. Specifiable

Drawing millwork is a tedious, time consuming task, but Modular Casework can be drawn in software by a local representative. It is also simple to drag and drop your options into a space with ease using IBM. This assures that you get the design you want.


                                                         7. SCS Certified

All of Hamilton Sorter’s Mailroom and Modular Casework products are SCS Indoor Advantage Gold Certified for indoor air quality.

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