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Public Safety Storage

Police departments, law enforcement agencies, and fire departments all have similar goals. To enforce the law, protect the lives of the community, and to safeguard property.

In order to meet these goals, the organization of the department and its supplies is crucial. There are many other benefits to keeping your facility efficient and organized. For example, the morale of employees and the importance of a “home away from home”.

We help departments run like a well oiled machine with different solutions such as our secure lockers for uniforms and gear, and evidence storage for a well-managed evidence room. All leading to an unbreakable chain of custody, and the avoidance of a PR nightmare for a department.

Take a look at how we’ve worked with several organizations in Ontario to solve their public safety storage challenges:

ControLoc Technology

Keep your evidence secure with ControLoc Technology and Evidence Lockers from Spacesaver. Typically integrated with DSM Lockers, this technology allows you to easily monitor and document all transactions and activity. ControLoc Technology provides increased security and peace of mind by allowing individuals to control who has access to each locker.

Access to the evidence lockers is gained via access cards, badges, and/or a PIN entered into the numeric control pad. The system automatically produces an audit trail of item placement and retrieval – with users, locker numbers, dates, and times!

Interested in ControLoc Technology? Download our ControLoc Info Sheet to learn more.

Short-Term Evidence Storage

When dealing with evidence, protecting the chain of custody is the number one priority. It needs to be tracked from the moment it’s retrieved to the moment it can be used for evidence or destroyed. To do this properly, a secure, organized solution is paramount.

Temporary evidence lockers not only provide a secure evidence preservation and retrieval system, they also can help your agency with accreditation and avoiding the PR situations that come with lost or misplaced evidence.

In need of temporary storage for biological evidence? Our refrigerated evidence lockers will keep DNA evidence at the appropriate temperature. Download our Refrigerated Locker Info Sheet to learn more.

Short-Term Evidence Storage

Evidence lockers can be constructed to fit various shapes and sizes of evidence, and offer two options:

Pass-thru lockers: Lockers are built into the wall, allowing evidence to be deposited from one side and retrieved from another through a full-size rear door. Optional front lock-out system available to prevent unauthorized access to the evidence and property room through a locker opening.

Non-pass-thru lockers: Evidence is deposited and retrieved from the same self-closing doors and can only be removed by authorized personnel.

Not sure which evidence locker option is right for your department? Download our Evidence Locker Overview to learn more.

Short-Term Evidence Storage

Toronto Law Firm

Evidence lockers aren’t just for police departments or public safety. We worked with a law firm in Toronto, and helped them integrate evidence lockers into their office to provide a secure public safety storage solution for temporary evidence holding for cases.

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Long-Term Evidence Storage

Once your evidence is bagged and tagged, it needs to be stored safely—and in some cases, indefinitely. Compact mobile storage can help maintain preservation while maximizing the precious space in your evidence room.

In some cases, larger departments might need to increase their public safety storage space in a designated off-site evidence storage facility. For these departments, high-bay shelving systems can be used to have storage from floor to ceiling.

We understand that departments don’t always have the funding for compact storage, so we also work with you to reconfigure your existing metal shelving to make sure you’re getting the most evidence in your space.

Officer Gear Storage Lockers

Peterborough Police Dept

Officers have a safe, secure place for each piece of equipment they carry while out on the job. When they return from their shift, their gear should be safetly stored the same way. Durable, configurable lockers can achieve this secure storage requirement.

At the Peterborough Police Department, they were struggling with an efficient way to store uniforms, vests, boots, and other gear. We worked with them to install FreeStyle Personal Storage Lockers. These lockers have a range of options for storing boots, vests, uniforms, personal items, and belts, and can be configured and customized to match each officer’s personal storage needs.

Officer Gear Storage Lockers

Peterborough Police Dept

An officer’s time is valuable—especially when they’re called on at a moment’s notice—and there’s always a need to gather equipment and supplies quickly. The Peterborough PD was lacking a storage solution that would help them do exactly that, so we used gear lockers to accommodate quick access and deployment of duty bags and other equipment they need in the field.

Similar to our personal lockers, gear lockers are another public safety storage solution that can be customized based on the needs of your department. To find out more, download our Gear Lockers Info Sheet

Weapons Storage

Weapons need to be easily accessible when needed, and securely stored when not in use. From secure weapons racks to portable gun boxes wall-mounted weapons lockers, and pistol racks, we work with you and your evidence storage needs to find the right solution.

To learn more about our variety of weapons storage options, head to our Weapons Storage page.

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Interested in learning more about our police and public safety storage lockers? Download our Public Safety Storage Overview brochure.