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Create a Safer Environment for Students

Without massive budgets to spend, Colleges and Universities need to find new ways to use existing space without starting new building projects or major renovations. With students away for winter break, now is the perfect time to start planning for safer spaces to work, learn, and heal.

As the Storage Experts, we can help you repurpose your existing space in a way that increases storage capacity and creates a safer environment with clever storage solutions.

Efficient and organized storage for campus healthcare facilities. Learn More

Antimicrobial paint coatings for new storage systems. Learn More.

Ventilated student lockers that promote clean air. Learn More.

Expedibox Parcel Delivery Locker

Contactless day use lockers that isolate personal belongings. Learn More.

If you’re tackling a storage challenge at your College or University, our Storage Experts are happy to help! We’re the experts in creating custom education storage solutions that will fit your design and budget – contact us to get started today!


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