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Storage Practices for Law Enforcement

Storage Practices for Law Enforcement

Who’s Accessing Your Evidence Lockers?

Protecting the chain of custody for evidence relies on good evidence storage and efficient processes. Thankfully, efficiency has never been easier with technology that allows evidence lockers to keep track of who accesses the lockers and when.

ControLoc Technology logs individual key codes that show which officer or evidence technician opened which locker, and at what times and dates. This information gets logged into a spreadsheet that can be accessed from the locker of your building’s server. Learn More.

If you’re designing a new evidence storage system or overhauling your current one, our Storage Experts are happy to help! We’re the experts in creating custom public safety storage solutions that will fit your design and budget – contact us to get started today!


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Creating Healthier and Safer Campuses

Creating Healthier and Safer Campuses

Create a Safer Environment for Students

Without massive budgets to spend, Colleges and Universities need to find new ways to use existing space without starting new building projects or major renovations. With students away for winter break, now is the perfect time to start planning for safer spaces to work, learn, and heal.

As the Storage Experts, we can help you repurpose your existing space in a way that increases storage capacity and creates a safer environment with clever storage solutions.

Efficient and organized storage for campus healthcare facilities. Learn More

Antimicrobial paint coatings for new storage systems. Learn More.

Ventilated student lockers that promote clean air. Learn More.

Expedibox Parcel Delivery Locker

Contactless day use lockers that isolate personal belongings. Learn More.

If you’re tackling a storage challenge at your College or University, our Storage Experts are happy to help! We’re the experts in creating custom education storage solutions that will fit your design and budget – contact us to get started today!


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High-End Golf Bag Storage

High-End Golf Bag Storage

Creating a Comfortable and Convenient Guest Experience

A planned community in Florida was building a new clubhouse for one of its golf courses, and the planning team wanted to provide a convenient place for residents and their guests to store golf bags. They also wanted every aspect of the guest experience to reflect the fast-growing community’s commitment to comfort, ease, and quality.
This clubhouse used a Wheelhouse Modular Mobile storage system to optimize space and create a sleek, attractive storage area for golf bags and other gear. The new storage system holds 240 bags inside the golf cart garage near the guest entrance. The system is manually operated, and its attractive appearance reinforces the community’s high-end reputation. To prevent standing water from accumulating around the shelving, the architect designed a concrete platform that was slightly raised above the garage floor level. The shelving and dividers inside the system are reconfigurable without special tools.
Community members have been so pleased with the system’s appearance and function that they recently replaced the shelving at another nearby clubhouse with a new Spacesaver system.


Increase Productivity in OR and Sterile Processing Departments with Vertical Storage Carousels

Increase Productivity in OR and Sterile Processing Departments with Vertical Storage Carousels

Labour is always on the mind of OR and Sterile Processing Department Directors. They need their staff to be as productive and accurate as possible. That means minimizing the things that can draw them away from their jobs.

A Common Misconception

Some hospitals hesitate to install a vertical carousel because they’re worried it will be difficult and take too much time to train their employees.

This is short-term thinking for a long-term solution. The workplace is focused on new technology, and employees are becoming efficient at working them into their daily jobs.

For example, years ago instrument tracking systems were new and complicated. Now, they are a standard technology used every day in sterile processing departments.

Keep Everything Organized and Centralized

Instead of static shelves that employees have to search through to find what they need, many hospitals use a storage system that keeps everything organized and centralized.

The Hänel Vertical Carousel storage system features a user-friendly interface that can be easily taught with brief lessons and a few practice uses for each employee.

User manuals are readily available, but won’t be needed. With Hänel’s inventory management software, the vertical carousel remembers where items are stored so employees don’t have to.

Quickly Get Everyone Up To Speed

Get everyone up to speed within a day or two with hands-on picking and stocking to reinforce training. Hänel’s Rotomat Vertical Carousel makes automated storage efficient and easy. It’s the ideal solution for sterile processing departments looking to improve productivity and efficiency.

Contact us today to learn more about Hänel Vertical Storage solutions for your sterile processing department.

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Our Process for Creating Unique Storage Solutions

Our Process for Creating Unique Storage Solutions

At Spacesaver Solutions, we take pride in our ability to work with clients to create the unique storage solutions they need.
This process is how we do it.

Needs Evaluation

With Storage Experts specializing in different markets, we match you whith the person who is an expert in dealing with your unique needs.


Full Design Support

Our experts work with you to design a storage system that will best meet the needs of your organization.


Proposal Preparation

We will put together a proposal with full 3D drawings so that you can envision that the space will look like once it's completed


Client Presentation

We will meet with you and present our proposal to your team to ensure that everyone is happy with the design of the storage system.



We have fool factory installation teams that will work around your shedule to install your new storage system


Service & Warranty

Once the system has been installed and you are completely satisfied with the finished product, we are always happy to answer any service requests.

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