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  • Hydroponic Growing

    Hydroponic Growing with Vertical Storage

    Chefs around the world want to create meals using the freshest and finest ingredients. They're willing to pay a high price for them, but it gets a little tougher for chefs in Manhattan to source these fresh ingredients in New York's cold winter. It's even harder for local farmers to supply them. The logistics of transporting fresh produce into the city from farms in the countryside becomes a nightmare in the middle of winter, but one entrepreneur saw this as a great opportunity.

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  • modes-of-operation-powered-compact-mobile-storage-system

    Touch Technology Control’s Exciting New Feature!

    New ControLoc Technology by Spacesaver stores vital pharmaceuticals, evidence, public "stuff" storage, and many other valuable items. Typically integrated with DSM Lockers, the technology allows you to easily monitor and document all transactions and activity. ControLoc provides increased security and peace of mind by allowing individuals to control who has access to each locker.

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