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Weapons Storage Systems

Weapons storage needs to be safe, accessible, and customized for the specific needs of your facility.

Weapons Storage Rack

Static Weapons Rack

Weapons Rack III transforms existing 4-post shelving into an instant weapons storage solution for long guns and pistols. The system supports a variety of weapon lengths with an adjustable barrel rest, and can be configured for two levels of long gun storage. It can can also be used with high-density mobile storage systems.

Sally Port Gun Lockers

For temporary gun storage, we offer floor-mounted and wall-mounted gun lockers for a highly secure storage solution. Ideal for interview rooms, common areas, or any location that requires handgun security, both types of gun lockers are available in a variety of sizes and can store a variety of handguns, rifles, and shotguns.


Weapons Storage Systems at Work

Canadian War Museum

A museum might not be a place you’d think of as needing weapons storage, but in the case of historical weapons and artifacts, it’s important to have safe and secure racks that can hold your collections in place.

We worked with the Canadian War Museum to create a unique storage solution for their collections of 4,000 long arms and 2,000 handguns. In placing two case-type systems on top of one another with custom racks on the inside, we were able to secure the weapons at a precise angle for storage.

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Universal Weapons Racks (UWR)

Combining thoughtful design and unmatched features, the Universal Weapon Rack (UWR) storage system is versatile and flexible. Adjustable racks accommodate weapons of different lengths and types. Perforated side doors and sides simplify weapons inventory assessments and keep them secure. Most optics and accessories can remain assembled and zeroed to the weapon while being stored. The UWR completely prevents weapons from movement, vibration, shock, and abrasion.



Universal Expeditionary Weapons Storage System (UEWSS)

When it comes to weapons storage, the needs of a field mission are very different than of those in garrison. When you ship weapons that aren’t optimal for deployment, they can arrive damaged wasting time. The Universal Expeditionary Weapons Storage System (UEWSS) is capable of storing, shipping, and supporting all arms, crew-serve weapons, and associated collateral gear that a unit needs. The result is a mobilized arms room with a mission that’s more organized—and less stressful.

WeaponWRX Modular Storage System

The WeaponWRX Modular Weapons Storage System allows for multiple storage configurations for any type of small arms—and can be stored with optics and other accessories mounted to the weapons. Easy to configure, the system shares components with the Universal Weapons Rack (UWR) and FrameWRX storage systems. They can be single-sided (attached to wall) or double-sided (free standing), or with a high-density mobile system to optimize storage density.


Weapons Workbench

Weapons Workbench

Weapons maintenance plays a vital role in law enforcement agencies. Keeping officers’ weapons in good working order helps ensure the safety of those officers and the general public, and routine maintenance also makes optimal use of taxpayer funds by extending the useful life of costly firearms.

Keeps weapons organized, secure, and in good working condition with the WeaponWRX Storage System. This workbench allows you to securely store weapons that are progressing through the maintenance process, while also providing added storage for replacement parts and supplies. Store several rifles, pistols, and other firearms in various stages of maintenance or repair, all within the same system! Featuring a durable stainless steel countertop and reconfigurable wall with accessories, the WeaponWRX Storage System easily adapts to your changing needs.


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