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Personal Locker Storage

Lockers serve many purposes beyond the ones you had in school.

For an employee, it’s a place to keep personal items at the office. For a police officer, it’s somewhere to securely store uniforms and gear. For a healthcare practitioner, it’s a way to keep sterile supplies and tools clean. For a college student, it’s a way to ensure those packages from home get to them safely.

No matter what your needs are, we’ve learned that two factors are important when choosing a locker—it has to be versatile, and it has to keep the items inside secure. We offer a wide range of locker solutions with a variety of different locking options to suit your needs. Need a custom solution? We can help with that!

CP Lockers

CP Lockers are German quality and manufactured to serve clients’ needs; providing the best storage solution possible. The lockers are created in a wide variety of sizes and colours, with a full range of accessories and locking options for every level of security. CP Lockers are 100% recyclable, made of steel, and allow for top class design.


FreeStyle Personal Storage Lockers

Personal Storage Lockers

Law enforcement and public safety personnel need storage that can easily be configured to their needs, as well as a place where they safely store all personal and work items during and after their shift. Spacesaver’s personal storage lockers, for officers and other personnel offer a customizable space to keep equipment, uniforms, electronics, and more.Lockers can be created in a variety of configurations with a myriad of features:


  • Ability to reconfigure on-site
  • Strong, durable doors, constructed with welded box construction
  • Integral garment hanger
  • Integrated peg board holes to hang items
  • Electrical ready— add outlets to lockers at any time
  • Locked compartments for small personal items
  • Air ventilation and electrical integration options
  • Drawers for boots and body armor storage
  • Benches and seating integration with lockers

Personal Storage Lockers in Use

Peterborough Police Department, Peterborough Ontario

At the Peterborough Police Department, police officers were lacking a place for police officers to store their essentials during and after their shifts in the field. Though they had limited square footage, finding space for a locker room was essential. We helped to install personal storage lockers to mend their needs.



Gear Lockers

Gear lockers provide quick and easy access to duty bags and other equipment officers need to bring out into the field. In the case of the Peterborough Police Department, we installed gear lockers in their Special Forces unit for fast deployment of gear and weapons.


  • Corner gussets for added rigidity
  • User interchangeable parts
  • Double-wall welded doors
  • Diamond perforated mesh doors
  • Stainless steel lock plate
  • Three lock types

Secure Lockers for Military Gear Storage

Choosing the right locker system for your department or application can be daunting—we’re here to help.

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