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Metal Shelving Solutions

Our line of metal shelving is easy to install, reconfigure, and expand to fit the needs of your company—and we work in collaboration with Spacesaver to offer a diverse range of shelving storage options that will benefit you, regardless of market. And, if you need additional storage space in the same footprint, all of our stationary shelving can be integrated with high-density mobile storage systems to maximize your space further.

4-Post & Case-type Shelving

Create and alternate how and what you store with 4-­post and case-­type shelving. Our shelving offers more options that ordinary shelving—it’s universally slotted, allowing for the attachment of file dividers, bin dividers, and divider rods. Stack boxes, organize color­-coded files with dividers, and store additional materials in compartments—all in the same shelving unit. We also offer door and drawer add­ons for extra flexibility.

Cantilever Shelving

Ideal for academic, corporate, public, and legal libraries, cantilever library shelving offers a wide range of options and storage accessories to meet the specific needs of your book collections. Designed to adapt for both stationary and mobile storage applications, these shelving systems can conveniently reconfigure, relocate, or expand as your storage needs change—and are great for storing books, media collections, newspapers, and more.

Archival High-Bay Shelving

Many libraries are taking advantage of off-site facilities for a portion of their lightly-used book collections in order to take advantage of space for the collaborative areas, study rooms, and makerspaces that are becoming part of a library’s offerings to its students and communities. Maximize the space in that off-site space by utilizing an archival storage option like Spacesaver’s XTend High-Bay Shelving System. XTend seeks to use all available vertical space, lengthening the height of the shelving from floor to ceiling.

RaptorRAC Wide-Span Shelving

The storage needs of an industrial or warehouse space are varied, with tiny parts and heavy, bulky items. For the latter, Spacesaver’s RaptorRAC Wide Span Shelving is an ideal option—it’s designed to work in static applications as well as with Spacesaver’s wide range of mobile storage systems. The wide range of RaptorRAC’s standard and configured sizes make it possible to build a shelving system that is custom to your needs.

Looking for a more compact solution?

Check out our High-Density Mobile Shelving page for more options on maximizing your space.

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