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High Density Mobile Storage

What would you do with more space?

With high density mobile storage, we can help you answer that question.

Whether it’s creating more space for extra items, or making room for additional operations or collaborative spaces, high density mobile storage is the perfect solution. Mobile storage eliminates fixed aisles by placing stationary shelving and cabinets on carriages that move back and forth. This allows for easy access to your items, all while uncovering new space that will have a positive impact on your business.

Any type of storage units or shelving can be mounted on mobile carriages—4-post shelving, Case-Type shelving, and cantilever shelving —as well as the existing shelving and cabinets you already own.

High density mobile storage can be used in countless applications—take a look below


Having the right amount of storage means more than just having additional space. In many cases, it means having happier, safer, and more productive employees. It also means more room for your inventory, equipment or supplies. Create a safe and organized area that is crucial to the growth of your organization or business.

Eclipse standard mobile storage is the most widely used high density mobile storage system, available in all modes of operation with an array of safety options.


Spaces change and so do the plans for that space. If there’s a need to compact space, but also be able to move the storage system at a later date, there’s a cost-effective, low profile mobile shelving option. With the help of a modular floor system, the Wheelhouse high density mobile storage system can be reconfigured or relocated based on your needs without being attached directly into the floor.

ActivRAC® Mobile Racking System

Heavy-duty mobile storage takes your existing storage or pallet racks and places them on mobile carriages. This increases the space in your warehouse or storage area by eliminating the fixed aisles. ActivRAC high density mobile storage racks are available in three different systems ranging from 7,000 to 30,000 pounds, and can be operated by turning a three-spoke mechanical handle or simply by pressing an electric-powered button.


Archival and historical record centers are grappling with the preservation of their collections, and the sheer number of items they accept on a regular basis. Designed specifically to provide off-site shelving solutions for storing boxes, books, and other materials, XTend static and mobile high-bay shelving systems provide space efficiency by maximizing available vertical space, while also ensuring protection and accessibility.


In addition to being able to store artifacts and archives of all sizes and weights on high density mobile storage, we have a solution for two-dimensional art collections as well. Rolling artwork panels offer storage on both sides of the rack, doubling the storage capacity, and can be hung from the ceiling or mounted to the ground.


Spacesaver Solutions’ Modular Bi-File or Tri-File Office Storage Systems create office file storage in very minimal space, allowing two or three rows of files to be placed in the same footprint as one file row. The shelves are on moving carriages that travel back and forth, allowing access to all shelves. A Toronto Law Firm used both modular bi-file systems along with the high density mobile storage system to store their files in a central location and create more space for other functions of their business such as additional offices.


Traditional manual mobile systems place carriages on rails in the floor that move back and forth to compact storage into half the space. The LEVPRO is different. Instead of placing carriages on rails in the floor, the LEVPRO system suspends shelving on an overhead track. The rail-less design and steel construction make the LEVPRO system durable for years of use, while the configurability makes it easy to add onto and relocate the system for changing needs.

Modes of Operation

Our standard high density mobile storage is available in three modes of operation



Activated by the push of a button, powered high-density mobile shelving can be equipped with different controls (standard push-button, infrared capable, secure touchpad aisle access control, or a LCD touchscreen control) depending on the security and access needs of your business, as well as several safety options.



Mobile shelves are moved by turning an ergonomically designed, three-spoke rotating handle. With only one pound of effort, users are able to move carriage weights of 4,000 to 10,000 lbs. Similar to the powered mobile systems, mechanical-assist systems are available with a variety of safety options.



A cost-effective alternative to the mechanical-assist control, manual systems are moved by pulling a straight handle to move shelves from side to side—ideal for systems with lighter loads.

Interested in learning how high density mobile storage can work for you? Contact our storage experts for a free space analysis.

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