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Library Storage

Today’s libraries are about more than books.

Today’s educational campuses are evolving. The idea of a library simply as rows of library book storage and places for silent study are quickly evaporating. These institutions are now bustling community centers, and are responsible for educating and inspiring a variety of ages and cultures. For this reason, many libraries are adding computer labs, classrooms, cafes, and makerspaces.

Of course, libraries will always be a place for books—and the library storage of these books becomes a key element of this cultural shift. Regardless of whether your library is public, academic, or otherwise—we can help you adjust and compact your book collections using high density mobile shelving and other storage systems.

LED Lighting System

Shed some light on collections that have gone unnoticed and improve the look of your library with a modern LED lighting system. By installing high-quality lighting on each shelf where is it most useful and practical you’ll be able to make spines easier to read, inviting more of the public to browse and borrow. Get consistent lighting across every shelf, modular plug and play wire management, and quick and easy installation of a lighting system that is safe, concealed, and suitable for public installations.

Library storage on High Density Mobile Shelving (HDMS)

If you’ve wrestled with the challenge of trying to downsize a large book collection to make room for more space within your library, we’re here to tell you that there’s another option. Mobile shelving systems allow you to store double the amount of books and other printed materials in the same amount of library storage—or half in the same amount of space.

By placing existing shelving onto mobile carriages, book collections are compressed into a space with one aisle, reducing wasted space. Simply pressing a button or turning a three-spoke mechanical assist handle creates access to other aisles, allowing library patrons to access what they need when they need it.

Off-Site Archival Storage & Library Storage

As many libraries are moving toward digitizing collections, there’s still a need for printed volumes to be accessible to researchers and students—especially for academic and research libraries who need to stay competitive.

When the University of Toronto began creating an off-site book depository, the goal was to compact and organize books, research materials, and archives from three different locations for the 68,000 undergraduates and 13,000 faculty members who would be using them. Maximizing all available space was extremely important, as was having a system designed specifically for best practices for archival records storage. By installing a mobile off-site archival storage system, the library was able to create space for their current archival items while planning for the future—all in a system that is conducive to the best practices of the United States Archives and Records Administration (NARA).

Bookstack Shelving on Cantilever

Due to its strength, aesthetic and modern look, cantilever shelving is ideal for academic, corporate, public and legal libraries. Cantilever shelving offers a complete range of options and accessories to meet your needs and accommodate whatever you store, including media formats, books, articles, newspapers, and more.

With the Modular EZ Rail® Element, you can transform this shelving system to hold industry standard plastic bins, pegboard, slat-rail, and slat-wall accessories.

Our library storage and shelving solutions free up more space to allow the kinds of programs and services students need.

To find out where to begin with repurposing your library, contact one of our storage experts today!

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