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Industrial High Density Shelving

Today’s warehouses can be a challenge when considering industrial high density shelving and storage.

Many buildings in industrial settings need to accommodate large equipment and parts, as well as smaller parts and tools.  The staff’s ability to retrieve items quickly and easily is directly related to a warehouse’s productivity.  An efficient storage solution will increase any warehouse’s bottom line.

We offer expertly designed and engineered custom storage solutions to fit the needs of your warehouse facility. Our industrial high density shelving solutions make it possible to increase SKU’s or pallet positions by mounting your existing pallet racks or shelves on mobile carriages that move back and forth on rails anchored to the floor.

Vertical Lift Modules

Vertical Lift Modules (VLM) help you to save space, enhance security, increase accuracy, and improve ergonomics in your industrial setting. Learn more about the 5 big benefits of vertical storage.

Do you need help with warehousing and distribution? See how vertical lift modules helped 4 different companies improve their inventory accuracy and management.

For more information about vertical lift modules, carousel storage, and warehousing solutions, click here.

Vertical Storage Lean Lift

Organization Is Key

— maybe you’ve experienced a similar situation:

A system in your warehouse breaks down, and the part you need to make the simple fix is nowhere to be found! You know you have the part and feel like you just saw it a day or two ago. After a few hours of searching and failing to find it, you decide that you need to order the part immediately. Just to be safe you add a rush order, with expedited freight and order a few extra just in case this happens again.

Days later, the part comes in and the money is subtracted from your already limited budget. Just then, you look to your left and see the exact part you need and an extra— it really was there the whole time! Now, you have 5 of the same part when you only needed one, and the money that you could have spent on something else is now tied up in inventory you don’t need.

We want to make sure that this situation never happens again at your warehouse.  With Spacesaver Solutions’ variety of high density mobile storage systems, it doesn’t have to.

Our industrial high density shelving systems hold a load capacity from 7,000 to 30,000 pounds and are a cost-effective solution for increasing volumes in any space. Having these systems will create an organized storage space with easy access and clear visibility of parts.


Centralized MRO Storage

MRO inventory can account for as much as 40% of the annual procurement budget, and this number can actually increase more based on how well or how poorly the inventory is managed.  Having a well-managed inventory storage area is the main goal to help reduce the cost. Our high-density mobile systems, or wide-span shelving will keep your tools, parts, and repair items in a central storage area boosting your bottom line.

Avoid Costly Plant Expansions

As your warehouse expands and brings in more goods, equipment, and tools, you might think an expansion is your only option. We are here to tell you that it’s not. Industrial high density shelving systems allow you to store double the amount of stuff in the exact same space. We offer floor to ceiling storage units to make the most of your vertical space in your facility.  Your building can accommodate more storage than you can imagine.


Warehouse environments need storage that works. Take a look at how ActivRAC® mobilized storage systems can increase space and increase revenue by downloading our brochure.