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Healthcare Storage Solutions

A successful hospital operates like a well-oiled machine.

From the OR to patient rooms, the pharmacy, records and more, hospitals have many moving parts to keep track of.  With supplies, medications, files, and people constantly coming and going, organized healthcare storage solutions are essential for streamlined operations and accurate patient care. By putting essential supplies in central areas and near points of need, employees spend less time searching and more time with patients.

Our healthcare storage solutions for records, patient care, pharmacy, and sterile supplies keep your hospital running smoothly and make inventory management a breeze. At the Peterborough Regional Healthcare Centre Pharmacy, over 27 pharmacy techs consistently pack and unpack bulk medications and supplies, wheel in carts, and need access to multiple aisles. However, their lack of organized storage made it hard to do their job efficiently.

In order to address these issues, the pharmacy partnered with us to help design and engineer a storage solution tailored for their specific needs. Read on to learn how we solved their healthcare storage challenges, and how we can solve all of your hospital storage challenges.

Pharmacy Storage | Peterborough Regional Healthcare Centre

To create a more efficient and convenient way to store supplies and medications at Peterborough Regional Healthcare Centre Pharmacy, we installed a FrameWRX modular bin shelving system. FrameWRX systems are comprised of a basic frame, a unique rail system, and bins and shelves that hang on a horizontal rail. With highly accessible colored bins, this system is perfect for implementing a lean Kanban inventory management system for pharmaceuticals. Plus, the modular design is easy to reconfigure for changing needs.

Central Sterile Supply Storage

Managing inventories for thousands of commonly used medical supplies on multiple floors can be a challenge. We make it easy using reconfigurable, color-coded FrameWRX modular bin systems. Like items can be grouped by color and organized with different sizes of bins and dividers. For maximum storage capacity, FrameWRX and standard shelving can be mounted onto a high-density mobile system to compact aisles while still creating space for carts to move throughout.

Learn More about FrameWRX by downloading our FrameWRX Catalog now.

Patient Care Servers

Reduce or eliminate the need for traditional sterile supply storage rooms with CoreStor Nurse Servers. The unique and highly efficient nurse supply stations extend fully outside each patient room for easy restocking. With patented pull out shelving it provides full access to the shelves from both inside and outside the room. Patient room traffic is reduced by stocking supplies from outside the room.  This also minimizes patient exposure and interruptions and allowing supplies to be accessed much more efficiently.

Operating Room Storage

During surgical procedures, fast and easy access to sterile supplies is critical. 4-post and cantilever shelving are healthcare storage solutions designed to improve the visibility, accessibility and organization of your sterile storage right in the operating suite. Glass or Plexiglas doors keep supplies dust free, and allow you to quickly identify coronary stents, dressing, catheter storage and other items. Customize and reconfigure storage with pullout racks and adjustable shelves to accommodate changing inventory.

Want to see how you can maximize the space and efficiency of your healthcare facility? Download our Healthcare Brochure for a comprehensive view our healthcare storage solutions.