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Office Storage Solutions and File Storage

Collaboration. The New Work Model.

In order to stay competitive, attract talent, and drive change, businesses are adapting a new way of how they work— collaborative workspaces.

The open concept layout fuels collaboration and teamwork—but all of those files and equipment have to be stored somewhere. Condensing storage space of office files and supplies with Spacesaver’s high-density mobile systems will give you the space you need to concentrate on your business.

Take a look at how we’ve helped law firms, banks, and other organizations with office storage spaces tailored to specific business needs and objectives.

Creating an Open Concept for a Toronto Law Firm

A Toronto law firm was interested in creating an open concept layout for their offices—but they didn’t want to have case files buried in shelving that was hard to access. We helped implement a modular bi-file high-density mobile storage system, that allowed office file storage to be compacted and out of the way, but still convenient for all employees. The systems offered double the office storage space in nearly the same footprint.

A mechanical-assist mobile system was installed to store records in the Accounting, Records, and Minute Book areas. The system also housed an elaborate legal library. By placing existing shelves onto the mobile carriages, the entire collection was able to fit with extra space left over for future growth.

Repurposing a Workspace for an Interior Design Company

For Straticom, an award-winning Toronto-based interior design company, open space was certainly important, as was creating a central location to house references used by the entire company. To maximize space in a small footprint, we concentrated on adding vertical office storage with extended 4-post static shelving. This was used around the perimeter of the room to accommodate the firm’s samples and was equipped with drawers for specific items.

With the space saved, we installed a center work island, which the company used for collaborative meetings. Convenient office storage space was built into the island to house additional samples and work materials.

Safe Office Storage of evidence at a Toronto Law Firm

Housing evidence in a secure and safe manner was the main goal of another Toronto law firm. For them, protecting the chain of custody was necessary to avoid PR issues and lost evidence. Evidence lockers were installed for maximum security, creating a way for one person to be responsible for adding and removing all evidence.

Protecting Fine Art at an Ontario Bank

Lack of organization and the inability to protect fine art, archive boxes, ledger books, banker’s boxes, and photos was a big issue for an Ontario bank. In order to protect their things, they did some quick “damage control” consisting of a plastic sheet thrown on the items piled on the floor.

The bank’s art and archives needed separate secure solutions. For the art, mobile art racks were utilized to double the amount of the previous static shelving. The racks also had lockable end panels to ensure safety. The archives were housed in a powered compact shelving system outfitted with a touchpad that provided PIN-code access and an audit report of who was accessing the system and when. Both mobile systems included a water diversion kit with rubber gaskets to prevent any potential water damage.

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