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Athletic Equipment Storage

Better organization leads to better performance.

It’s that simple, and athletic teams know that better than anyone. What goes on behind the scenes has everything to do with a winning season, a championship, and the glory.

We work with you to provide the ultimate custom athletic equipment storage and management solutions for your sports team. You may never have enough space for all of your gear, but we will show you how to maximize your footprint to its full capacity.

Hockey Equipment Storage

When the Toronto Maple Leafs remodeled their locker and athletic equipment storage rooms in the Air Canada Centre, the new space looked great, but was smaller than what they had before. The equipment manager knew they would need to get creative with their storage and called on our storage experts to help create a solution that would work for their space.

Using a high-density powered mobile system with 4-post shelving made it possible for like equipment to be organized together while keeping different-sized parts separated. We then added cubbies, dividers, and bins to keep things organized.

The new system features a priority aisle setting that keeps all equipment secure while automatically resetting for immediate access for the next use. We also teamed up with a local artisan to create the team’s signature 3-D maple leaf logo which we put on each end panel of the compact storage system. This personalized feature made it feel like home for all of the players.

Being 13-time Stanley Cup Champions, this revitalized equipment room was just what the Maple Leafs needed to inspire and motivate. The result is a space that is just as organized and productive as the team is during their power plays.

Any type of sport at any level–we can help

Whether you are a lacross team, golf club, or ultimate frisbee league there are plenty of struggles with athletic equipment storage at the high school, college, or professional level. We can help! Download our Athletic Equipment Storage Lookbook to check out the possibilities for your team.

A messy equipment room isn’t going to help you win that championship. To see how our athletic equipment storage can make a difference for your team. Contact us for a complimentary equipment room space analysis!

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