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Agriculture Vertical Growing

Increase yields in less space with vertical growing

We work with cannabis manufacturers helping solve their production and storage issues. Custom vertical growing solutions will increase efficiency, yield, quality, and profitability all while maintaining complete compliance from day 1.
Vertical Growing

Benefits of Vertical Growing

Improve Efficiency – 4x more plants per square foot with 3x bigger canopy

Increase Profitability – 40% less cost per gram

Speed of Growth – 150 days to the first harvest

Sustainability – Reduce your energy costs

Quality – Achieve operational excellence

Legitimacy – Complete compliance from day 1

Traditionally, cannabis facilities have a lot of inefficiencies with plants spread out on growing tables taking up lots of space. In order to reach all of the plants, large infrastructure for lighting and irrigation systems are set up, which increase energy costs. All of these systems contribute to a large facility footprint that raises real estate costs.


To solve these inefficiencies, we have partnered with Ideal Harvest to create a complete solution for cannabis manufacturers. Optimize your space with a high density mobile storage system that incorporates lighting towers and fixtures. Deliver nutrients efficiently with automated controls as well as an automated irrigation system. We work with you to create a custom solution that will meet your unique needs and ensure complete compliance from day 1.

Vertical Growing Solution

Colorado’s Best Vertical Growing Solutions

By investing in a vertical system, a legal cannabis manufacturer found a way to increase their yields in less space. Check out the video and case study below to learn more about how vertical growing helped Colorado’s Best increase their canopy size by 500%.

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