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Custom Folders

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Add partition dividers to separate the different components of a record. Dividers can be added at the factory or in the field.


Fasteners can be installed in any of 8 standard positions on the folder as well as partition dividers. Choose from heat bonded or embossed in 1″ or 2″. Fasteners can be installed at the factory or in the field.



Pockets are used to help store non-standard size material within a folder. Pockets can store CD/DVD’s, photos, disks, credit cards, business cards, microfiche, etc. Choose from Vinyl, Kraft, or Manila.


Very active folders can be reinforced along the spine or edges with Tyvek or Mylar for added durability and long life.


Colour coded labels can significantly enhance the efficiency of your file room. One-piece colour labels can be printed and applied to your folder before they are delivered. Create a new custom label or match any existing system. See our label collection HERE.


Take your filing system to the next level with bar coding. Bar codes can be applied directly on the colour label or can be applied to the front of the folder.

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