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8 benefits of mobile shelving

People have been benefitting from mobile shelving for a long time. It creates space, improves productivity, and increases safety in your workplace.

After over 40 years of evolution and ingenuity, mobile shelving has progressed considerably, allowing you to maximize the benefits received from using one of our favorite storage methods. Here are 8 reasons why mobile shelving can benefit your workplace:

1. Greater Space Efficiency
Get more out of your current space by gaining 100% greater storage capacity or by reducing your storage footprint by 50%. Mobile shelving has the potential to increase your storage capacity up to 300% compared to lateral filling cabinets.


2. Accommodate Growth Effectively
Programmable powered systems offer great long-term benefits to storage. These systems offer the highest storage density (sometimes more than 50% of manual systems) and allow you to plan for short-term or long-term expansion in existing spaces.


3. Improved Productivity
You, and those you share your storage space with, will be able to find stored materials quickly, freeing up time for more important daily tasks.


4. Customizable Storage
Mobile shelving systems can be configured to fit your individual storage needs. Whether you are storing bulky boxes or file folders, mobile shelving is a viable option. Deep shelves and heavy-duty carriages can handle any large boxes or heavy loads, while pre-configured measurements will allow for perfect storage of your filing requirements.


5. Increased Storage Security
Although locking devices are available on any mobile storage system, programmable systems provide you with the ultimate in system security through electronic or remote access. This guarantees that only someone who has the proper authority can open aisles.


6. Improved Accessibility
Going back to customization, increased density of stored materials allows them to be brought closer to your point of need. This gives you easier access to what you need most, and helps improve efficiency.


7. Safer Environment
Powered storage systems safely move heavy loads through electronic input. These storage systems offer the most options for protecting users and stored material.


8. Cost Effective
When comparing a traditional filing cabinet system with a mobile storage system, mobile shelving can provide you more storage in the same space at a similar cost, or provide you with similar storage at a much lower cost while increasing your amount of free floor space. We have conducted our own comparison of filing cabinets against high-density mobile shelving to help you visualize what we mean.


So, with mobile shelving, you won’t have to consider or worry about your business’ storage needs again. Whether you’re storing file folders or bulky boxes, mobile shelving will help you organize your stuff efficiently.

Learn more by downloading our High-Density Mobile Shelving: Back to Basics Brochure